Faux leather with natural basis, Chinese-made canvas and microfiber
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Faux leather with natural basis, Chinese-made canvas and microfiber

StenCom offers advanced materials and fabrics for shoes

The Russian market of components and fabrics for shoes, according to various estimates, at 80-90% consists of imports. Domestic light industry cannot provide shoemakers with raw materials, materials of appropriate qualities and in the required volume. Nevertheless, there are serious players in the market, one of them is the Russian company StenCom, an expert in the field of materials and fabrics for shoes. The company's specialists know everything about the fabric market, are at the peak of fashion trends, in the know about current changes and trends. About what materials and fabrics are offered to Russian shoe manufacturers, says the head of the department of wholesale sales of shoe materials at StenCom Andrey Uglyanitsa.

Andrei Nikolaevich, how long has your company been working in the market and what are your positions today in the segment of materials and fabrics for shoes?

We have been operating in the market for 16 years, and currently our market coverage is about 80%. As for the materials for shoes, we offer the widest selection of different options for the upper, insoles and soles of shoes that are used today: artificial leather (polyurethane and PVC), neoprene, microfiber, nubuck, velveteen, jeans, canvas, oxford, natural cork , cloth, mesh, printed and mixed fabrics, flocked material. Our mission is to help the Russian manufacturer in the production of high-quality, fashionable and competitive products, and for this we offer our unique, exclusive developments.

What is the exclusivity of your products?

First of all, in an individual approach - for example, we develop prints on canvas for sneakers and raincoat fabric for dutiks for each client, the company has a whole design department. We also have a shoe designer, who helps clients come up with and implement new shoe models. Based on the materials, the uniqueness of our offer lies in the fact that we constantly research the Russian and world markets, introduce innovative, high-tech new products to the assortment.

Tell us about your unique products.

For example, we with our Chinese partners have developed artificial leather with a natural base - natural collagen. Collagen fibers are applied by flocking - under the influence of an electrostatic field and air pressure, on the surface of the base material. It is very convenient to work with this leather - there are no large cuts like from leathers, and there is no marriage, it is convenient to tailor it, respectively, for a shoe manufacturer - this is a big savings, and for the end customer, an affordable price for buying shoes. We also developed a raincoat fabric with a metallic effect, this is a new level in the production of dutiks. Shoes at cost remained the same, but their appearance exceeded all expectations. From China we import materials with microfiber, which has a high adsorbing ability, absorbs moisture well and is resistant to abrasion. Our microfiber is a microfibre made of nylon and polyurethane, a non-woven material that is used for upper shoes and lining. Now we are developing oil and petrol resistant materials for the top of safety shoes.

The Russian market of components and fabrics for shoes, according to various estimates, at 80-90% consists of imports. Domestic light industry cannot provide shoe makers with raw materials, materials of appropriate qualities ...
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