Largest fashion companies sign environmental commitment
20.01.2020 7014

Largest fashion companies sign environmental commitment

We are talking about campaigns and activities against climate change, the conservation of biodiversity of the planet and oceans. A new trend for conscious consumption and a benchmark for the use of processed raw materials, the introduction of energy-saving and other "green" technologies continues to develop, more and more companies are joining the eco-movement in the fashion industry.

Fashion Pact was signed in France, in the city of Biarritz on the Côte d'Azur (during the G7 summit there), the heads of 32 largest groups and companies in the global fashion industry put their signatures under it, among them - such giants of heavy luxury as Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Kering, Armani, Hermés, Prada, sports brands - Adidas, Nuke, Puma and the largest distributors, retailers and fast fashion companies - H&M, Cerrefour, Bestseller, Gap, Inditex.

The document states that industry leaders should limit the harmful effects of their industries on climate, biodiversity and the world's oceans in the coming years. The document was presented to world leaders by François-Henri Pinault, director of the luxury French brand Kering, which aims to mobilize at least 20% of clothing and footwear manufacturers to an eco-campaign to reduce the harmful effects on the planet. Among the commitments undertaken by industry leaders is not reduction, but the complete elimination of gas emissions that provoke the greenhouse effect by 2050, the transition to electricity from renewable sources and the complete rejection of the use of disposable plastic - by 2030, the gradual abandonment of intensive animal husbandry in the benefit of farms that are environmentally friendly.

The leaders of the fashion industry are indeed doing a lot to reduce the negative impact on the environment, preserve the biodiversity and forests of our planet. But today, “green” initiatives are embodied not only by heavyweights, but also by small companies that are also looking for new, alternative, more natural technology materials for the “greening” of their production. So, the Spanish start-up Indianes released lightweight sneakers with a top made of banana fiber. The fiber is extracted from the stems of the plants after collecting the waste from the fruit picking plantations of 60 farmers in the Colombian part of the Andes. New shoes are 100% natural, biodegradable and can be recycled.

Another novelty of the shoe market is light and waterproof sneakers made from a material made from a combination of ground coffee and recycled plastic, the material is patented by the Finnish brand #Rens. For each pair, coffee leaves, from which 21 cups of this aromatic drink are brewed, and plastic recycled from 5 plastic bottles. The model is also fully biodegradable and recyclable.

We are talking about campaigns and activities against climate change, the conservation of biodiversity of the planet and oceans. A new trend for conscious consumption and a benchmark for the use of processed raw materials, ...
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