Opening of the second MASCOTTE salon in a new concept in Chelyabinsk
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Opening of the second MASCOTTE salon in a new concept in Chelyabinsk

On March 4, the opening of the second salon took place in Chelyabinsk MASCOT in a new concept, located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center "Almaz" at Kopeyskoye sh., 64 (area - about 200 m²). We remind you that the first one is located in the shopping center "Rodnik" (Truda street, 203, 2nd floor). The main emphasis in the space of the new salon is made on natural materials and eco-design, and in the interior - on the elements of fashion style with the addition of wood texture and graphic black lines. Particular attention should be paid to the new directions of the brand: the MASCOTTE Lite collection - soon it will turn into an independent sub-brand, and a new product category - clothing. It should be noted that the interior has a digital content, without which no modern store can be imagined. It creates a comfortable and exciting shopping, opening up new opportunities for customers: a screen in the showcase area with image content and information screens around the perimeter of the shop equipment.

The new salon not only reflects the brand's DNA, but also global retail design trends, and has also become the first space that combines several areas at once: the classic MASCOTTE collection (shoes and accessories for lovers of sophisticated trendy solutions), clothes (comfortable models for relaxing or sports) and MASCOTTE Lite (a collection for those who strive to lead an active lifestyle, and also prefer unusual shapes and bright details). Particular attention in the new concept is paid to the future sub-brand, focused on the young target audience of the brand. This area stands out due to color illumination, special wall equipment and accent signage. This line includes models created for those who love comfortable style and live in the rhythm of their city.

Among other differences that are inherent in the new concept are decor and landscaping, emphasizing the eco-trend in retail design, convenient fitting areas (for both shoes and clothes), a modern and comfortable checkout with up-to-date information on trade marketing and additional services on the screens. Accent chandeliers, mannequins in the corporate color and pattern, as well as illuminated podiums in the showcase and side panels in wood texture serve as focal points and create an unusual atmosphere in the salon.

In addition, it is planned to increase the interest of the audience in this concept of the salon with marketing activities that will be held in honor of the festive opening from March 10 to 11. The program of the upcoming event includes: light catering, invited stylists and fashion influencers, trendy dj sets, limited capsule collections, special promotions, discounts and gifts for visitors.

Thanks to the development of a new salon concept, as well as the launch of new directions and the expansion of the range, MASCOTTE strengthens its position in the market, retaining an existing audience and attracting a new one. In the near future, the brand plans to open several more stores in the new concept in St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Sochi.


Website: mascotte.ru


About the Mascotte brand

Mascotte is a fashion brand specializing in shoes and accessories for women and men, which has been delighting its customers with comfortable, practical and stylish models for more than 20 years.

One of the main reasons for the success and demand for Mascotte products is the constant search for new technologies, quality materials and current trends. The products are aimed at the most active consumers who appreciate a wide range and a well-balanced style. Thus, freedom for creativity and the ability to implement any fashionable images are the key features of the brand. One of the hallmarks of Mascotte is stylish accessories that go well with the brand's shoes.

To date, Mascotte has more than 30 salons throughout Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities.

On March 4, in Chelyabinsk, the opening of the second MASCOTTE salon in a new concept took place, located on the 2nd floor of the Almaz shopping center at 64 Kopeyskoye sh. (area - about 200 m²). We remind you…
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