Membrane: legs warm, dry, comfortable. About the features of membrane baby shoes
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Membrane: legs warm, dry, comfortable. About the features of membrane baby shoes

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesale companies often come across the question of buyers: for what season are children's membrane shoes intended? Reviews and opinions on the Web on this subject are very controversial. As usual, there are two camps, consisting of those who are for and who are against. In the features of this type of shoes we deal with the expert SR Alexander Borodin.

Alexander Borodin Alexander Borodin - Manager of the Mila company - shoes wholesale. ” In the shoe business - more than 20 years. During this time, he went from retail to wholesale. “Mila” - wholesale shoes ”was founded in 2000, at the same time specialization was chosen - children's shoes. At present, the company annually brings thousands of pairs of children's shoes for wholesalers to the Urals 700. The breakthrough for the company was the 2009 year when an online store was launched, in which for the first time wholesale prices were published on the Russian market in the public domain. Alexander is actively working in the direction of establishing information exchange between participants in the trading process, is engaged in the development of projects: the virtual shopping center “Centipede”, a small wholesale online store “Delenka”, and a custody warehouse.

The membrane is deservedly called a high-tech material because it allows the vapors that form inside the shoe to go outside and prevent water droplets from entering. The structure of any membrane is such that on one square centimeter there are more than a billion tiny pores, which are approximately 20 thousand times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times larger than a vapor molecule. As a result, moisture from the outside cannot penetrate through the membrane, and water vapor easily passes through the microscopic pores to the outside. This technology was developed specifically to ensure that the children's legs always remain dry and healthy.

Important nuances

Membranes come in various types, which differ in price and quality. For example, manufacturers of children's membrane shoes from the price segment “medium +” recommend using their products at temperatures ranging from 0 to -15 degrees. This temperature can be in autumn, winter and early spring. 

Nevertheless, when choosing children's shoes for the cold season, it is important to take into account the physiological characteristics of the child: the style of behavior when walking (active games or being in a stroller) and sensitivity to low temperatures. 

About membrane shoes for children, it is important to know a few simple rules, compliance with which will significantly reduce the likelihood of disappointment in it. The fact is that the membrane removes moisture from the leg well only in the absence of moisture-absorbing materials around it, for example, wool and / or cotton. If you put membrane shoes on a woolen sock, then, of course, the legs will be warm first, then hot, then the leg will sweat, and the wool will accumulate all this moisture. As a result, the thermal conductivity will increase and the legs will freeze. That is why, manufacturers recommend putting thin socks under the membrane with an admixture of synthetics, which does not accumulate moisture, allowing it to go outside through microscopic pores. Feet remain warm because they are dry. The second important point is that the shoes should not be up close to the child, since the lack of an air gap in the boot prevents the preservation of heat. 

Who produces

Today, the market offers the widest selection of children's shoes made using membrane technology, these are such brands as “Kotofey”, “Zebra”, “Kakadu”, “WBL”, “Ditop”, “Mursu” and others. Demand for this assortment increases by the end of autumn, as winter approaches, which suggests customers choose the membrane for the cold season and include these models in the children's assortment.

Who wears

According to customer surveys, the most popular membrane shoes are among boys' parents - almost 60%. Among the age subgroups, schoolchildren were leaders (26%). Among the parents of girls of school age and all preschool children (both boys and girls), the popularity of membrane shoes is slightly lower - 16-18%.

The popularity of small footwear with membrane is significantly inferior to footwear for preschoolers and schoolchildren and is at the level of 7%. In the nursery subgroup, the membrane is not in demand. Among the models for high school students, the proportion of boy’s membrane shoes is high (6%), and in the girl’s subgroup it is almost not in demand, girls are apparently not interested in it.

How much does it cost?

The cost of leather shoes with a membrane, contrary to the stereotype, is no higher than the cost of ordinary high-quality shoes made of genuine leather with a lining made of natural fur, wool and even a bike. Shoes using the technologies of leaders in the field of membrane materials (GORE-TEX, Geox and others) are more expensive than usual, but this is due to the brand component of these materials, the cost of modernization of production, quality control, and a guarantee.

If we are talking about boots and boots made of artificial materials (dutics, for example), then shoes with a membrane are more expensive by 50% or more, depending on the manufacturer.

The production technology of membrane materials is currently widespread, so the prices are not overpriced. There are many European and Chinese enterprises offering their development. In their shoes, Russian manufacturers mainly use membrane materials and technologies of large Chinese companies, verified by many years of experience in cooperation (membrane brands - King Tex, Hi Tex and others).

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Manufacturers, distributors and wholesale companies often come across the question of buyers: for what season are children's membrane shoes intended? Reviews and opinions on the web on this subject are very ...
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