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What the feet will tell

You can read not only by hand, but also by foot. This, in particular, deals with the British reflexologist Jane Shian. We present several of her observations that can be used to determine the nature of a person by the structure of his foot.

Jane Sheehan - reflexologist from the UK, has been determining the nature of the features of the foot since 1998 year. He is the author of three books on reading in the footsteps, one of which is called “Let us read our feet!”. Conducts seminars, lectures and public readings at various events of shoe brands.


Wide foot: if it’s difficult for a person to pick up shoes because the width of the foot exceeds the average, this means that you are dealing with a workaholic who cannot sit idle for a minute and is eager to constantly do something. If the right foot is wider than the left, in the past the owner of such a foot was a tireless workaholic, but now he has slowed down and learned to relax and rest. Conversely, if the left foot is wider, it means that the person is now working more and harder than ever.

Narrow foot: the owner of a narrow foot is used to the fact that people do a lot for him. He knows how and loves to entrust others with various matters, and he, without a twinge of conscience, relaxes and rests at this time.

High rise: if the arch of the foot is raised high, this indicates that a person has great internal strength, enjoys his company and restores strength in solitude. This does not mean that the owner of a high rise is uncommunicative - not at all - it’s just easier for him to do everything himself than to ask others about it.

Low rise: low rise man - extrovert. He rests in the company of other people, does not like to be alone and needs help and support from others.

Smelling legs: Jane Shian calls this the “skunk effect” and interprets the intense smell of her legs as a person’s desire to isolate themselves from the demands of others. Usually this occurs in adolescents who literally live under pressure - all of these “don’t come late”, “don’t pierce your belly button”, “do your homework” will drive anyone crazy.

The thumb is bent to the side: the cause of the bend is not necessarily bursitis - inflammation of the joint. The finger may be curved by nature. If it is bent at a large angle, - most likely, a person does too much for others, completely forgetting about his own interests. A small bend angle characterizes a person who is ready to help, but without excessive fanaticism.

Perfectly straight thumb: this trait suggests that its owner is a strong personality, knows how to say “no” at the right time and not take on worthless obligations.

The thumb is widely set apart from the rest: the large gap between the thumb and the second finger characterizes a person whose connection between the logical and emotional principle is very weak. In other words, such a person "first does, and then thinks." It often happens to him that he agrees to some kind of enterprise, and the next day he suddenly dawns on “My God, and why did I only get involved in this ?!” The larger the gap between the thumb and the second finger, the stronger the emotional perception lags behind the actions.

Short pinky: its owner knows how to have fun and loves the simple joys of life. For example, he can enthusiastically lie in a heap of foliage, play snowballs and fight pillows.

The little finger "lies on its side": if the little finger is turned to the side so that the nail “looks” not at the ceiling, but at the wall, this means that its owner understands social norms, but managed to develop his own special style of behavior. As a rule, people with such little fingers are distinguished by a rebellious spirit and the desire to always do their own thing.

You can read not only by hand, but also by foot. This, in particular, deals with the British reflexologist Jane Shian. We present several of her observations that can be used to determine ...
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