Flavored shoes - whim or business
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Flavored shoes - whim or business

Shoe companies have resorted to such a marketing ploy for several years. For some, this is just a small test batch, for others it is a very successful business. Lemon Jelly, a newly founded Portugal-based company, now imports its fragrant sneakers, boots and shoes to 15 countries around the world, while the American brand Scentra has been very successful in making textiles with strawberry aromas.

Brands that are not afraid to experiment with fragrant components are distinguished by a lively character and bright models. Of course, first of all, aromatization sways shoes made of artificial materials, especially rubber.

The Lemon Jelly brand, created on the basis of the Portuguese company Procalçado, which has been designing and manufacturing shoe soles for more than 40 years, was no exception. Procalçado decided it was time to take a bold step and start developing the business in a new direction. Using their accumulated experience and their own know-how in working with innovative materials, they came up with a new brand.

The new shoe line has already received an award from the COTEC Business Innovation Association, the Portuguese Business Association for Innovation.

According to company representatives, Lemon Jelly shoes are a world of fantasy, joy and color. Any pair of boots, sandals, slippers, or galoshes have a distinctive alluring aroma of sweet candy, ice cream, or lemon jelly. This “attribute” is not superfluous and helps the company in promoting the product on the market: the demand for brand footwear has only been growing in recent years.

Of course, this is not the first experience with fragrances in the shoe industry. The Brazilian brand Melissa has experimented with scents on several occasions. For example, working on the creation of a joint collection with the shocking Vivienne Westwood. All models in the line exuded a subtle aroma of ... chewing gum.

Another Portuguese footwear brand, Wock, produces orthopedic models with anti-static and anti-slip properties, as well as various aromas. Everyone can choose a model for their taste, color and ... smell!

Scentra, headquartered in California and manufacturing in Spain, is a trendy take on classic espadrilles. The brand's collection includes many flat-soled models with a woven upper made from bright materials with prints. “By creating our shoes, we wanted to break the stereotype that there can be two types of shoes - for a special occasion and for every day. We are confident that our models are appropriate with any wardrobe, "- the brand representatives comment.

Each pair of Scentra is certified orthopedic soles, ecological upper materials and strawberry-scented insoles!

Shoe companies have resorted to such a marketing ploy for several years. For some, this is just a small batch "for trial", for others - a very successful one ...
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