The return of galoshes
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The return of galoshes

For the past several decades, galoshes have lonely lurked in attics and cottages, sent there by great-grandfathers and forgotten by later generations. But the development of shoe fashion has finally reached the point at which those who don’t use a car can afford beautiful and expensive shoes. The need for galoshes reappeared: the galoshes are back and look even younger than before.

It is difficult to determine the age of galoshes for sure: who knows how long ago the American Indians learned to dip their feet in the rubber juice of hevea. But according to the historical passport, the age of galoshes is more than 200 years. In the form in which they were sung by the poems of Korney Chukovsky about the phone and the family of crocodiles - namely, in black and made of rubber - galoshes appeared in 1803 in England. In their infancy, galoshes did not look as attractive as they are now. Being made of pure rubber, they cracked and broke in the cold and began to melt and smell unpleasant in the heat. The vulcanization of rubber invented by Charles Goodyear in 1844 solved the problem, and galoshes quickly became popular.

In people, galoshes liked: they were worn with honor and care, especially in Tsarist Russia. There are records that the galoshes worn on the boots of the Russian peasant “almost elevate him above the level of other villagers, giving him the importance of an aristocratic character”. We have been manufacturing galoshes since the 1860 of the year, the Partnership of the Russian-American Rubber Manufactory (TRARM), nicknamed for its trademark "Triangle." During the First World War, the partnership was forced to completely switch to the fulfillment of military needs, and galoshes instantly became a deficit. The revolution drove the galoshes to the black market and forced them to be stolen. It is amusing that precisely because of the disappearance of all galoshes in the ceremonial in April 1917, Professor Preobrazhensky from Bulgakov’s “Dog’s Heart” predicted the collapse of the Empire. And he was right.

“Galoshes” as a household item did not disappear together with tsarist Russia for good: their release was resumed by the “Triangle” in 1921, however, no longer in royal quality. But the forces were thrown into advertising with the participation of Rodchenko and Mayakovsky: 

“Klim laughs: 
- The way is far. 
I am not a horse to walk. 
- And immediately removed 
from a bale of galoshes. 
It’s hard without galoshes! 
And went pleased 
a pair of brand new galoshes 
with a triangular brand ". At the same time, the cost of galoshes grew, sometimes making a dent in the budgets of Soviet citizens. Since the 1950s, galoshes have gained popularity again and their range has expanded. In addition to black galoshes with a red bike lining, which did not spoil the shoes, galoshes with a shape for the heel appeared, with an elastic band instead of a back, galoshes to wear without shoes and unlined galoshes - chuni. This was the heyday of life for galoshes in Russia, and since then fate has not pleased galoshes with such close attention.

In the past five years, galoshes are increasingly appearing in the assortment of domestic online stores. Perhaps the appearance of Russian athletes at the Olympics in Salt Lake City, which, with the creative hand of Bosco di Ciliegi, were dressed in a “Chaliapin” coat, felt boots and galoshes, affected. And perhaps, mods began to need galoshes, preferring walking to standing in traffic jams. One way or another, galoshes of bright colors and attractive styles can again become popular footwear and a subject of mass demand. They are back.

For the past several decades, galoshes have lonely lurked in attics and cottages, sent there by great-grandfathers and forgotten by later generations. But the development of shoe fashion has finally reached that limit, when ...
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