4 shoe museum worth visiting
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4 shoe museum worth visiting

Traveling is always an opportunity to learn something new. You can look at the most ancient, rare and legendary shoe models and learn shoe manufacturing techniques dating back thousands of years in shoe museums around the world. Briefly about the most interesting of them - on this page.

The National Footwear Museum, Izegem, Belgium

The national footwear museumExhibit of the National Museum of Shoes in Izegem, Belgium

Making shoes in Izegem began at the end of the 18th century, and in the 20th century this small town in West Flanders became the center of the leather industry in Belgium. The museum was created in 1966 year to demonstrate the rich shoe history.

Izegem, and also consider the cultural phenomenon of shoes. Visitors can see how shoes were made by hand and how they have evolved over the centuries. A separate section is devoted to models of 20-30's of the XX century - real works of art. Particularly interested visitors can study the materials of the huge thematic library. (www.musea.izegem.be)

German Shoe Museum as part of the Deutsche Ledermuseum (German Leather Museum), Offenbach, Germany

German shoe museumExposition of the German Museum of Shoes in Offenbach, Germany

The German Leather Museum combines three museums, one of which is the German Shoe Museum shoe. His collection has about 15 000 exhibits. The museum aims to not only show the development of the world history of costume, but also to trace the intellectual and cultural development of mankind for seven millennia. The museum is especially proud of the sandals found in the sarcophagi of ancient Egyptian mummies. Their age is approximately 3500 years. In addition to shoes, the museum displays works of art related or inspired by shoes. They demonstrate how the human leg and the desire to hide it, or, conversely, to bare it inspired designers and artists. (www.ledermuseum.de)

Museo del Calzado, Elda, Spain

Footwear MuseumExhibit of the Museo Del Calzado Museum in Ella, Spain

For over a hundred years, the small Spanish city of Elda has been living in the production of shoes. In 1992, a museum was created dedicated to the history and development of the shoe industry in Spain. In the middle of the 20th century, manual labor was gradually replaced by machine labor, and along with this, old tools began to disappear from the shoe industry, and the techniques traditional for the Vinalop-Mitha area were forgotten. To preserve this unique cultural and industrial heritage, the founders of the museum collected rare models of handmade shoes, as well as a variety of appliances, machines and tools. Today the museum in Elda has the most complete and interesting collection in all of Spain. (www.museocalzado.com)

Bata Shoes Museum, Toronto, Canada

Bata shoes museumHeeled shoes, Damascus, late 18 century, exhibit Bata Shoe Museum Toronto Canada

The Bata Shoes Museum was founded by Sonia Batya, daughter-in-law of Tomáš Báti, the owner of the famous Czech shoe factory Bata. When Soviet power came to the Czech Republic, the Batya family was forced to immigrate to Canada. All her life, Sonya traveled and collected interesting models of shoes and in the 1979 year, when the collection ceased to fit at home, she created the Bata Shoes Museum fund. For several decades, the foundation has organized expeditions around the world to collect and study samples of traditional shoes of peoples from different regions. Today in the permanent collection of the Bata Shoes Museum there are 13 of thousands of exhibits representing over four centuries of history. Only in this museum under one roof can one find embroidered silk Chinese shoes, Japanese samurai shoes with bear fur and shoes made of human hair. In addition to historical artifacts, there are modern legends, for example, Queen Victoria's ball shoes or silver shoes on the platform of Elton John. (www.batashoemuseum.ca)

Traveling is always an opportunity to learn something new. You can look at the most ancient, rare and legendary shoe models and learn shoe manufacturing techniques dating back thousands of years in museums ...
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