Shoes for the queen
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Shoes for the queen

It is unlikely that anyone will remember exactly when the ankle boots became a natural part of any demi-season assortment. However, this shoe model so familiar to us did not always exist and was invented less than a century ago, and we need to thank the British Queen Elizabeth II for her appearance.

It is believed that the ancestors of modern ankle boots appeared in Europe in the XVII century. It is known that fur boots with bows were worn by Napoleon Josephine's lover. Now this historical model is exhibited in museums. However, in those days, ankle boots were called differently and looked somewhat different, so that they could be called “ankle boots” with a stretch.

The culprit of the appearance of our usual kind of ankle boots was the now reigning Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II, who did not like her excessively thin ankles. The royal wish is the law, and especially for the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth, the illustrious French fashion designer Roger Vivier designed shoes that visually solve this problem. The Queen really liked the novelty. So the ankle boots began their triumphal procession, first along the royal penates, then along the catwalks, and then along the streets of the cities.

However, human memory is unstable, and after the outbreak of popularity, ankle boots have long been forgotten. They experienced the second wind of their glory in the zero years on the wave of touching retro nostalgia. Fashionable women such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Sienna Miller began to flaunt in social events.

A classic version of this shoe model is leather ankle boots with a narrowed toe with high heels. However, today designers offer hundreds of different models to choose from: for summer and winter, on a platform and in a hairpin, from velor and satin, on fur and wicker. They are combined with clothes of different styles, combining the unconnected. So Takada Kenzo included in his collection ankle boots with open toe, which became fashionable to wear with knitted socks. However, it is believed that these elegant little butterflies are distinguished by increased insidiousness, and are suitable only for young ladies with long legs.

The flight of designer imagination leads to the fact that the shoes begin to look like an art object. Such experiments were not spared and ankle boots. For example, a young Hungarian designer Laura Papp came up with an analogue of Cinderella's shoes - porcelain, lace and leather shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti sprinkled rhinestones on her boots and bristled with spikes, Camilla Skovgaard created leather boots similar to her dragons Moon, and the eccentric Lady Gaga shokiapi shocked from meat.

It is unlikely that anyone will remember exactly when the ankle boots became a natural part of any demi-season assortment. However, this shoe model so familiar to us did not always exist and was invented less ...
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