Results of the competition "Admiralty Needle - 2014"
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Results of the competition "Admiralty Needle - 2014"

Results of the competition "Admiralty Needle - 2014"

The XX international contest of young designers “Admiralty Needle - 2014” has become perhaps the most spectacular and spectacular in the history of the project. About one and a half thousand contestants, about 300 novice couturiers reached the semi-finals, they had the opportunity to show their ideas and images on the podium in the semi-finals of the competition. In the final, about 50 of talented fashion designers fought.

Over a twenty-year history, more than 12 thousand contestants from 40 regions of Russia and 20 countries of the world took part in the competition, who presented more than 10 thousand collections on the podium. Every year the competition grows with new projects, new nominations appear. So in 2009, for the first time, young designers competed in the ability to model not only clothes, but also shoes and accessories. And in 2012 year, for the first time, a children's clothing contest was held. Original performances, exhibitions and flash mobs have also become the hallmark of the competition.

This year young designers from 16 to 35 came to St. Petersburg from all regions of Russia: Kamchatka, the Urals, Sakhalin, Yakutia, Tatarstan, Chechnya, the central regions of Russia, as well as from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Estonia , young Chinese, Japanese and Korean designers.

The source of inspiration for the organizers of the International Admiralty Needle 2014 Young Designers Contest is the attractive world of Russian folk tales. It was this topic that designers were invited to disclose in their work. Complicated and difficult work was for the contestants, it was important to get away from direct quotes and associations, to refuse to beat the usual fairy-tale flowers and silhouettes, and to offer something unique, easy to read, but at the same time original. Fortunately, most of the participants left the splint and kitsch, presenting really interesting and professional works. The winner of the competition, the owner of the grand prix and a prize of 500 000 rubles from the founder, St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, became a participant Tan Tan from China with the Survival in the context of extinct collection. Her works organically intertwined with the forms of a high-tech 21st century and delicate elegant prints that sent the viewer to the theme of the contest.

On the closing day of the November 14 contest, other participants, the winners of the contest in their nominations, took to the stage. All of them got the opportunity to take internships at famous European universities and the best fashion houses in Russia and Europe, and also have the opportunity to present the Admiralty Needle contest and their clothing collections at international exhibitions and shows: London Graduate Fashion Week (London, Great Britain) and BUNKA Graduate Fashion Week (Tokyo, Japan).

In addition to the classic set of near-competition events, a serious educational program was organized in the anniversary year: well-known designers and fashion experts, including Romeo Gigli, Lara Aragno, Liuba Popova, Tomass Atkinson ( Thomass Atkinson) held master classes and lectures, talking about brand promotion, trends, marketing in the fashion industry.

The Grand Prix

Survival in the context of extinct, Tan Wen, China.

Fairytale design

I place - Snow Maiden, Ageeva Victoria Evgenievna, St. Petersburg

II place - Black Swan, Openko Aleksandra Sergeevna, St. Petersburg

III place - Speckled bird, Gukina Elena Vasilievna, St. Petersburg

baby clothes

I place - Snow dream, Dunaeva Nadezhda Nikolaevna, Pospelova Marina Nikolaevna, St. Petersburg

II place - Warm Style, Dove Polina, Moscow

III place - Woodfolks, Kozlova Ekaterina Sergeevna, Zinovieva Anastasia Alekseevna, St. Petersburg

Shoes and accessories

I place - Outlook, Danilova Svetlana Nikolaevna, St. Petersburg

II place - Time of game, Panteleeva Ilona Sergeevna, St. Petersburg

III place - AIROOM, Romanenko Varvara Igorevna, Mines

Sport de style

I place - NeoPlast, Veljugo Julia Igorevna, St. Petersburg

II place - “Arctic bears”, Arctic Anatolyevna Krylova, Moscow

III place - Chameleon, Mazko Natalya Alexandrovna, St. Petersburg


I place - My Freddy, Davydenko Alena Aleksandrovna, St. Petersburg

II place - Bipolar, Mr. Apichart Narangsiya, Japan

III place - “Wind from the East” (Wind from the East), Dolgushina Ekaterina Alekseevna, St. Petersburg

De lux

I place - Through the looking glass (Through the looking glass), Sold by Olga Alexandrovna, Krasnodar

II place - Swan Princess (Swan Princess), Elena Lyashenko, St. Petersburg

III place - “Imperial Hunt”, Artem Anatskiy, Alexey Anatskiy, Donetsk


I place - Innovation, Togawa Daichi, Japan

II place - “The Radiance of Time” (The radiance of the time), Elena Lubina, Kirov

III place - Vertebra, Stepanova Victoria, Moscow

Photo Contest

I place - The Ember of History 2, Fengchen Wang, China

II place - The Ember of History 1, Fengchen Wang, China

III place - Ours, Butenko Marina Alexandrovna, Omsk

The XX international contest of young designers “Admiralty Needle - 2014” has become perhaps the most spectacular and spectacular in the history of the project. About one and a half thousand contestants, about 300 reached the semifinals ...
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