Prizma to present children's brands at Euro Shoes
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Prizma to present children's brands at Euro Shoes

The international exhibition of shoes, clothes, bags and accessories Euro Shoes@ CPM, which will be held from August 30 to September 2 in Expocentre in Moscow, will present a number of European brands of children's shoes. Among them are the Austrian Superfit Austria, the Spanish PABLOSKY and the German Lurchi by Salamander.

Guests of the Euro Shoes exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the collections of footwear brands for the spring-summer 2023 season and make a pre-order from the official representative of these brands in Russia, the Prism company, at booth number E05.

Children's brands traditionally pay great attention to the health of children's feet and the correct fit of shoes on the leg, taking into account the anatomy of the children's foot. Superfit (Austria) and PABLOSKY (Spain) have long established themselves as brands that produce such “correct” “healthy” shoes, which are chosen by parents who are attentive to the health of their children.

Superfit Superfit

Superfit produces shoes for boys and girls aged 6 months to 12 years. Superfit shoes are made on special children's lasts. Soft materials eliminate pressure on the growing foot, flexible and lightweight sole provides natural movement.

This is a high-tech brand that uses direct injection of polymer soles in production, as well as the original Gore-Tex membrane. In addition, resource-saving environmentally friendly VIOS materials are used. The range includes all product groups and is able to satisfy the demand for children's shoes all year round.

Pablosky Pablosky

Children's shoes PABLOSKY for more than half a century it has been produced at its own factory in Spain. The mission of PABLOSKY is to protect children's feet by creating the best shoes for their proper development. For this reason, since 2018, the brand has been collaborating with the Spanish Society of Biomechanics and Orthopedics SEBIOR. All PABLOSKY shoes are produced using the unique PABLOSKY Green System technology, which involves the use of natural leather, anti-slip soles, antibacterial shock-absorbing and absorbent insoles, toe protection and heel reinforcement.

For the youngest customers, PABLOSKY offers a special StepEasy line (0-36 months), which best accompanies the baby's first steps, taking into account all the needs and features of the foot at each stage of growth. And for teenage girls who no longer want to wear baby clothes and follow fashion, a separate Paola brand has been created.

Lurchi Lurchi

Lurchi by Salamander appeared in the Prism portfolio in 2022. This is a children's footwear brand of the German company Salamander, which was founded back in 1949, and today it accounts for half of the total sales of Salamander in Germany. Of course, Lurchi is also very attentive to the creation of comfortable and healthy shoes for children. After all, this is really important!

In the production of Lurchi shoes, the WMS standard of the German Shoe Institute is used, which means that the internal shape of the shoe corresponds to the parameters of the child's foot, both in length and in fullness. The range also includes membrane models that are in demand on our market due to their practicality and waterproof properties. The brand does not forget about the attractiveness of models for its young customers. Of particular interest is the ruler with lights flashing when walking.

For babies, Lurchi offers Barefoot models made in Portugal from premium leathers. In addition, under the YK-ID sub-brand, stylish high-tech sneakers are produced that combine comfort and youthful design.

Invitations to Euro Shoes

The international exhibition of shoes, clothes, bags and accessories Euro Shoes@ CPM, which will be held from August 30 to September 2 in Expocentre in Moscow, will present a number of European brands of children's shoes. In their…
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