7 pairs of dutikov boots for the city and country walks
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7 pairs of dutikov boots for the city and country walks

Half boots - dutiks - a chance not to change the dynamic urban sports style in the Russian winter, when even insulated sneakers cannot save you from snow porridge, snowdrifts and ice. At the same time, you can not refuse the still popular over size in clothes, choosing bright positive colors that contrast well with the main colors of the landscape - white, gray and black. The model of short soft boots is present in the winter collections of a huge number of brands represented in Russia. The Shoes-Report review contains 7 attractive dutik models, the main advantages of which are informal style and convenience.

1. Duts of collaboration Ekonika x Yandex Market

Ekonika x Yandex Market, 13990 rub. Ekonika x Yandex Market, 13990 rub.

Doots are a derivative of the classic dutiks, and it is no accident that they became the model of the latest collaboration between the Econika shoe brand and the Yandex Market marketplace. This model of shoes, like a blank sheet of paper, gives a lot of room for creativity and self-expression, besides, it is as organic to modern urban fashion as sneakers. In collaboration with the Yandex Market marketplace, the designers of Ekonika literally took their breath away and created a very positive image with many bright details, providing the opportunity to transform the shoe design according to mood. Now the collection of duts is the central composition of the trading floor of Ekonika stores and works to attract the attention of visitors no worse than an advertising showcase. At the same time, in the winter collection of the Econika brand, there are also more modest dutik models in the usual laconic design, in black, at a price of 13990 rubles.

2. Dutik Tendance

Tendance, 10640 rub. Tendance, 10640 rub.

In the collection of the French brand Tendance of the Rendez-Vous footwear and accessories chain, a large number of models of ankle boots are presented, suitable for a sporty and informal look. One of these models on a thick (4,5 cm) rubber sole with a top made from a compilation of natural and artificial leather is Tendance dutik half boots. The zip fastening at the front of the boot top adds a new touch to a classic look. The model is presented in three color options - black, light gray with a white sole and a combination of gray with swamp green. The price of a pair of Tendance dutiks is 10640 rubles.

3. Dutiki Vic Matie in No One

Vic Matie, 37 rubles. Vic Matie, 37 rubles.

Stylish puffer jackets from the Italian premium brand Vic Matie, autumn-winter 2022/23 collections are presented in No One multi-brand shoe and accessories stores.

Streamlined silhouette - textile upper and lightweight platform sole (heel - 65 mm). Additional design elements include a zip fastening at the heel, wide stitching on the upper sole and a contrasting color branded outsole. Long live minimalism, and everything ingenious is simple! The colors of the collection are black and beige. Dutiks in black are presented in two versions of the stitching pattern on the upper of the shoe. The price of a pair of dutikov Vic Matie in the online store No One is 37490 rubles.

4. Dutik Pazolini

Pazolini, 18900 rub. Pazolini, 18900 rub.

In the collection of the Pazolini brand of shoes, bags and accessories, dutik is distinguished by a multi-layered upper construction, with the possibility of protection from snow, and a thermoplastic rubber sole with anti-icing technology. Judging by the functionality, in this case, the shoes are more suitable for country walks than for the city. Convenience comes first! The top of the models is made of leather and synthetic fabric. Models are presented in black and white colors and a combination of silver, white and black. The price of Pazolini women's boots is 18900 rubles.

5. Dutiki Principe di Bolonia

Dutiki Principe di Bolonia 17 490 rub. Dutiki Principe di Bolonia 17 490 rub.

In the No One network, you can also find a model of dutiks from the Italian brand Principe di Bolonia from the collection of the last winter season. Velcro boots in silver are made for winter walks. The textile upper is complemented by natural suede, the lining and insole are made of wool, the rubber sole 45 cm high retains heat and provides good grip on the ground. Boots are suitable for trips to the countryside and are best in harmony with sports style clothing. The price of a pair of dutik Principe di Bolonia is 17490 rubles.

6. Dutiki Mascotte

Mascotte, 12990 rub. Mascotte, 12990 rub.

Multi-colored and relatively inexpensive textile quilted dutiks are presented in the collection of the Mascotte shoe brand. The collection has 4 color options - yellow with black, green with black, white with black and just black. The lining and insole of the shoes are made of natural wool. The height of the rubber sole is 20 cm. The price of a pair is 12990 rubles

7. Snowmobiles Blurred by EMU Australia

EMU Australia snowmobiles Blurred, 17490 rub. EMU Australia snowmobiles Blurred, 17490 rub.

In the Soho Fashion chain you can find a pair of Blurred snowmobiles from the British brand EMU Australia, which can withstand even severe frosts. The shoes are made of polished leather, lined with natural fur, with fake lacing and a zipper on the inner side of the boots. Models are presented in two colors - black with a black edge along the edge of the shoe and brown with a white edge. The price of a pair of boots in retail Soho Fashion -17490 rubles. 

Marina Shumilina

Half boots - dutiks - a chance not to change the dynamic urban sports style in the Russian winter, when even insulated sneakers cannot save you from snow porridge, snowdrifts and ice. Wherein…
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