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Fashion in English course at HSE

Fashion in English course at HSE

Event ended

Start 4 March

Today it is almost impossible to make a career in the fashion industry without a high-quality knowledge of English. It is difficult to imagine, for example, a procurement specialist who does not understand the generally accepted international terminology. And the entire modern information flow in the field of fashion is in English, and in order to be in the subject, you need to own a stable language code. The course "Fashion in English" was addressed to practicing professionals in the fashion industry - designers, shoppers, brand managers, buyers, editors, journalists, photographers, stylists, PR specialists.

The main topics of the course:

  • Collection - study and practice of design, own vision; description and rationale of the collection, outline, trend analysis
  • Moodboard - applied inspiration: visual collage, conversation about themes and styles of clothing; analysis of trends, transformation of an idea into an actual project
  • Self-presentation experience - project description - design bureau, studio or showroom. key points and a brief story
  • Portfolio - geometry, shapes, objectification of ideas. Parsing examples
  • Description - description of trendsetters, trend spotting; special attention is paid to technologies, types of figures. Deepening into the vocabulary of the couturier, innovative materials, etc.
  • Accessories - jewelry, bijouterie, glasses, watches, beachwear - detailed discussion with practical examples
  • Marketing - idea output, brand launch, sales; necessary details - lookbooks, etc.
  • Organization of your own store / showroom / boutique - shopping: trends, positioning, marketing vocabulary, business correspondence
  • Analytics, online resources, blogging and press release writing

The number of places in the group is limited.

Details and registration for the course -

HSE building, g.Moscow
8 (495) 629-6985

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