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Marketing as the basis of sales! Or 100 new tools in 3 days.

Marketing as the basis of sales! Or 100 new tools in 3 days.

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Russian Marketing Week 2015 is an annual cult forum for marketing, advertising, PR, branding and Digital. More than 2000 delegates, 80 TOP-speakers of the industry, about 200 advertisers, communication agencies, leading business media will gather on one platform to talk about the latest trends in the industry.

The marketing and advertising industry sets its own rules of the game every year, offers fresh ideas, new trends, non-standard solutions to traditional issues. Specialists appear who make the market “shudder”. Marketing trends and strategies are replacing each other, leaving out those who are not littered with keeping up with the times.

How to develop the perfect marketing plan?

How to behave in conditions of market instability?

How to form a dream -team?

If you are: marketing, advertising and PR director, general manager, company owner, or top manager of advertising / creative agencies, then you need to take the best seats in the hall.

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The forum will discuss the latest cases of 2015:

· Creativity vs Consistency. An in-depth look at your marketing strategy.

· Statistics. From Glamor Tips to Conscious Marketing Analysis.

· Personalization. New rules for flirting with the consumer.

· No budget. Evolutionary PR strategy: cheap, cheerful and effective.

· Multisensory Branding. Practical advice from Yandex, LiveJournal, BBDO.

· Digitalization. How to catch a client in new media.

Every year, the Russian Marketing Week becomes a discussion platform for the professional community of representatives of more than 1500 largest companies.

For cooperation and accreditation: Kopninova Daria PR-manager 8926 521 0276; 8963 620 9206;

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