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Russian Sales Week-2017

Russian Sales Week-2017

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From 25 to 28 on October 2017 in Moscow will host the largest annual international forum in Russia and the CIS on sales management, the introduction of advanced world technologies, automation and customer service.

Sales surround us everywhere. At home, we sell to our spouse the idea of ​​the incredible importance of buying a newly released BMW, although there haven't been two years old, or the idea to buy those same earrings with a yellow diamond, because everyone understands that you can’t live without these things. We sell broccoli to our child for dinner, telling him that he would not grow up without it. 

Do you want to learn how to work, helping, solving consumer problems, letting him know that he really needs that product? Register for the Russian 2017 Sales Week:

Jewelry House Estet, g.Moscow
+7 (495) 646-70-77

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