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Second International Partisan Marketing Conference

Event ended

How can an investment of $ 10 bring millions of profits? You will learn the answer to this at the II International Conference on Partisan Marketing, which will be held on June 25 and 26, 2013 in Moscow, at the Holiday Inn Lesnaya hotel.

For the first time in Russia, an American specialist will speak at the II International Conference on Partisan Marketing by teleconference Jay Conrad Levinson - "Father of Guerrilla Marketing" Mr. Levinson is the author of the world bestseller "Guerrilla Marketing", translated into 62 languages. Small and medium-sized businesses will learn how to attract and retain customers, increase the average check and conversion in their business - all at no extra cost.

The conference will also cover topics such as:

  • How do cardboard boxes worth 10 rubles increase sales in the StroyBury chain of stores by millions of dollars a year?
  • How did Sberbank manage to get applications for loans worth 1,5 billion rubles by investing in advertising a thousand dollars?
  • What six magic words do you need to teach the waiters so that the profit of a cafe or restaurant immediately grows?
  • How did the Macilenni Company boost Tobasco sauce sales across America without investing a dime in advertising or sales?

Also at the conference will be held Presentation of the first Prize in Russia for achievements in guerrilla marketing, the jury of which included leading experts and well-known businessmen.

Conference Organizer - the leading expert in Russia on guerrilla marketing in Russia Alexander Levitas (author of the business bestseller 2012 "More money from your business") and the event-agency Marketing One.

For comments, clarifications and details, you can always contact the PR-agency "Discovery Center".

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