Brunella: Art as a platform for business
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Brunella: Art as a platform for business

In Italy, they never say "Italian", they necessarily specify: "Neapolitan", "Venetian", etc. Brodsky considered the Venetians to be islanders, a clan people, very closed ,. Others, on the contrary, noted their hospitality, pragmatism and business acumen. In any case, the Venetians know how to appreciate what they do. This autumn, the Venetian masters of shoe art from the Brunella company will delight us with new collections at the MosShoes exhibition.

The origins of the special pictorial flair of the Venetian shoe makers are obvious - after all, in 1516, Titian became the official painter of the Venetian Republic, and in 1548 - Tintoretto. Therefore, the magic of color and the magnificence of form the Venetians absorb with mother's milk. And the recommendations of the Russian partners allow them to make not just masterpieces, but best-selling masterpieces. For the first time this year, Brunella designers developed the collection based on the wishes of their main Russian partner, Axa.

Naturally, two questions immediately arise - how did such reverence for Russia appear and what exactly did the Venetians take into account?

The attention to our buyers is explained by the very pragmatism that has already been said - if the brand was previously sold only in Central Europe, now Russian orders are increasing significantly from season to season.

The importance of the opinion of Russian wholesalers is also growing proportionally - what was sold, where, what was left, why. So, especially for Russian women of fashion in the spring-summer collection, the number of models in heels has been increased. If for Europe Brunella sews ballet shoes and moccasins, then for Russia at the factory they will sew shoes with heels 5-6 cm.

Secondly, in order to make it convenient for customers to walk along our roads, the soles will be made of microl. In appearance, this material is no different from the leather, but it is much stronger - it does not wear out and does not stick.

The company has a very large selection of pads and molds - more than 30. Axa experts have chosen those that have already been tested and have proven themselves well.

If we talk about the color scheme of the collection, then in this case, the Russian partners listened to the designers of the brand: the main colors are bright and saturated - fuchsia, lily.

What are the other advantages of Brunella?

These shoes are so comfortable that they can be worn daily, and so elegant that they can be worn in the evening.

The brand has equally demanded collections of “Autumn - Winter” and “Spring - Summer”. Pay special attention to this, because the Italians are often in demand only one of the seasonal collections.

It should be borne in mind that Axa does not only work with Brunella - there are several Venetian brands in its portfolio: and if Accademia and Mafer are already well known in Russia, then Strafford and Ferdy are just starting their triumphal procession in our country. To better understand the work of retailers, Axa is now building its retail network. Shops have already been opened in Moscow (the Obuv-City store, the Rublevsky shopping center), Zhukovsky (the Okean shopping center), Cheboksary and Lipetsk. The largest and most beautiful store has recently opened in Kaluga, in the Evropeisky shopping center. All stores open under the name "Venice". What is characteristic - even the letters in the name are made in the Venetian style.

Everything is done to make art accessible to the masses.

In Italy, they never say "Italian", they definitely specify: "Neapolitan", "Venetian", etc. Brodsky considered the Venetians to be islanders, a clan people, very closed. ...
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