CAPRICE: 10 years in Russia. German company sums up the work
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CAPRICE: 10 years in Russia. German company sums up the work

When we opened a representative office in Moscow in 2008, we understood that the next few years would be interesting and stressful. Starting is always difficult, but the unconditional advantages of Caprice shoes were immediately and favorably accepted by our customers.

Victor Kuntz Victor Kuntz - General Director of Caprice Vostok LLC

Both the quality level of shoes, and natural materials, and comfort innovations - all these properties of Caprice shoes at that time for the Russian market and the CIS countries became a unique offer. Over the course of these 10 years, the Caprice brand has changed a lot, breaking the traditional idea of ​​German shoes as comfortable shoes for the older generation. For several seasons, we have been offering a vibrant line of sports shoes, where fashionable shoes in rich colors and sneakers with a spectacular combination of leathers literally attract the attention of customers and enjoy constant success. A new direction in the Caprice collection - Caprice Premium - is a model shoes made in accordance with the latest fashion trends. High-quality Italian leather of trending colors, exquisite shapes and spectacular heels allowed us to discover a new market niche, while maintaining traditionally high demands on quality and price levels. Deer leather shoes have gained a deserved place among the most popular models in the Caprice collection. In winter and summer, these shoes offer the comfort that our customers expect from a brand that lives under the motto “Easy as in the air.”

Over the years, our customers and their customers have come across many unique innovations that the Caprice brand offers in every collection and every season surprises and delights its customers with the opportunity to offer “something special” in their stores. Together with colleagues from the Wortmann Group, we opened new representative offices in Russia, our staff and the number of our customers grew. We survived several “crises”, showing a steady increase in sales, which suggests that, in addition to fashion trends, our customers and their customers are certainly captivated by stable quality, numerous comfort innovations, and a favorable price offer.

For ten years, fashionable preferences have changed, not only in Russia, but also in European countries. Now residents of Russian megalopolises willingly walk all day in sneakers, and in Dusseldorf, for example, they began to buy shoes with heels more often. The ability to take into account regional differences and the needs of our customers from different parts of Russia and the CIS countries helps us to produce a seasoned collection every season that impresses not with its size, but with the accuracy of its hit. New models, new innovations always “shoot”, and this cannot but rejoice.

Our customers open Caprice branded stores and departments, they strive to highlight the Caprice brand in their stores, as its reputation helps the store’s image and guarantees stable sales.

We strive to ensure that as customers of the Caprice brand, our customers can get additional benefits.

A flexible position, advantageous offers, timely execution of orders and comfortable delivery conditions, individual solutions for company stores and close cooperation with customers, regardless of the size of their business.

This is our position, and we will certainly adhere to it. The name of the Caprice brand from French can be translated as lightness, mood. And the work of the entire Caprice team, starting with the brand founders, technologists, designers, quality control staff, logisticians, managers, is focused on the creation and production of shoes and the provision of the highest quality services. We are working to ensure that our customers and customers live, like us, under the motto “Easy, as by air!”.

When we opened a representative office in Moscow in 2008, we understood that the next few years would be interesting and stressful. It’s always difficult to start, but the undoubted advantages of shoes ...
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