Caprice raises the bar. Premium Collection
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Caprice raises the bar. Premium Collection

Caprice, a German shoe manufacturer, known for its collections of comfortable casual shoes, presents a line of elegant model shoes called Сaprice Premium


The main priorities of Caprice are high quality and accuracy in details that you can feel in every pair of shoes. Our experts travel all over the world in search of the best types of leather and design ideas. We will introduce you to the exciting variety of leathers used by CAPRICE.

Opening the fascinating world of leather, Caprice offers XRUMX a new look at fashion in the spring / summer season - Caprice Premium.

The Caprice Premium collection represents a new line of model shoes, executed taking into account the latest fashion trends.

This is an amazing number of options for low-heeled shoes, a variety of models with flat soles, classic boats.

The Caprice style, already loved by our customers, is always represented by actual “naive” ballet flats with cute decorative elements. Bright and unusual textures are used in sports topics - sneakers and slip-ons, which makes the everyday look bright and memorable.

The spring / summer 2017 shoe collection is so well balanced that it can satisfy the needs of buyers from a wide variety of stores. Those who work with comfortable shoes will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of elegant models in the group of shoes with increased fullness, with insole, models from elastic deer leather. A well-proven line of footwear in the style of urban sports in recent seasons - sneakers, semi-sneakers, slip-ons - will be of interest to youth shops. And, of course, our new product - the Caprice Premium model group - is our offer for shoe boutiques.

Caprice Premium is a line of elegant shoes made of high-class Italian leather, representing models on a variety of blocks.

In recent years, we have so often seen how long-legged beauties combine dresses with sneakers and sneakers, rather than high-heeled shoes. This trend will be relevant in the next season.

On the occasion of the opening of the GDS shoe exhibition, Caprice presented to the public its leather book worthy of a record book. This largest book in the world of genuine leather is a collection of all leather varieties used in the production of the 2017 spring / summer collection.

“Here we are demonstrating all the variety of great textures and visual effects that can be obtained on genuine leathers,” says Thomas Kölsch, Caprice Marketing Director. The leather book contains fantastic and expensive leathers with unusual textures: from mirror-gloss surfaces, luxurious varnishes to floral prints and embossments. At the same time, Mr. Kölsch emphasized that only genuine leathers are used in the new Caprice collection.

Like a second leather, Caprice shoes fit and caress your foot. Leather is a material with unique properties. Thanks to their unique ability to breathe, leather shoes are able to maintain natural thermoregulation for maximum comfort. That is why we at Caprice only use first class materials.

With a beautiful and extensive collection, Caprice once again consolidates its undeniable professional expertise. Convenience and fashion are not mutually exclusive, the new fashionable and fresh image of our collection is an expressive proof of this.

50 different leathers in 250 colors are presented in the Caprice collection.

Caprice sets off with this unique book on a tour of Europe. The next book stops are the cities of London, Paris, Munich, Moscow.
The brown-shaped toe, flared steady heel are the unconditional trends of the coming season.

Alexandra Bril. Journalist, TV presenter, fashion expert of the Shoes section and Caprice brand on Shopping Live TV channel, fashion blogger, twin boys mother

Why personally do I choose Caprice?

For me, this is perhaps the only brand offering comfortable shoes made of genuine leather, made in a variety of styles and fancy colors. This time Caprice surpassed himself. Caprice bought incredible and exquisite Italian leather. Interesting textures, rich colors, floral prints, elegant ornaments - and all this is executed in leather of excellent quality.

Have you ever wondered: “What role does shoes and fashion in general play in a woman’s life, and is it so important?” These are not issues of global warming, and not macroeconomic problems, some will say. However, the great begins with the small. And the Trojan War would not have happened if it hadn’t been for Elena, or rather, for her beauty)))), and there would have been no intrigue in Cinderella if her shoe had not been lost, which means that she wouldn’t marry the Prince of Pictures Of Smiley Faces Emotions. .. Both fairy tales and past lead us to the main conclusion: you won’t get away from beauty: any insignificant detail (whether it be a dress or shoes) can lead to both war and peace.

Shoes change your body language. She exalts you both physically and emotionally. I am a true fan of good shoes. That is why in the Caprice showroom I feel like Kerry Bradshaw in my huge dressing room. In Caprice shoes, I can be beautiful, sensual, mysterious or strict, bold or conservative. Here I can find classic shoes, with a fashionable neckline, in the style of sleepers - in them I will go to work; and mother-of-pearl sneakers with a juicy peach tint - perfect for walking with children; and open sandals that can be worn with knitted socks, and actually the slip-ons themselves: bright on a white sole - ideal for a family trip to her husband for a rugby match. The only thing you think about when looking at such an incredible collection, at all this amazing Italian leather: is this not the height of perfection? Surpassing a competitor is always easier than jumping above your own head. Now that Caprice, it would seem, have embodied the most daring ideas, how will they surprise? We'll see!

The German footwear manufacturer Caprice, known for its collections of comfortable casual shoes, presents a line of elegant fashion shoes called Caprice ...
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