Spanish brand Flossy presented its slip-ons in space
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Spanish brand Flossy presented its slip-ons in space

Spanish shoe brand Flossy decided to surprise the world by sending four pairs of his slipons on a space journey. The aim of the action was to draw attention to the brand of shoe consumers around the world, since at the moment the brand is already represented in 44 countries.

To implement an ambitious and a little crazy project, the manufacturer turned to the Research University of Sheffield, which carries out both commercial and research launches into space. In general, the project took about six months. Three special limited options for the design of slip-ons were developed for launch, so that the shoes look spectacular in outer space and have an attractive look for potential customers.

A script for the documentary was also prepared. As a result, the Spanish Flossy slip-ons became the first slip-ons in the world to rise to a height of 32 000 meters above the Earth's level in the stratosphere.

During the launch process, a platform specially designed by the “Send into the Space” team was used, on which four pairs of limited design slip-ons were installed. The start of the flight was scheduled for September 1 of the 2018 of the year, however, it was postponed twice due to bad weather. To create a beautiful picture, clear weather was required, which was established on October 3 2018. To launch, a picturesque field near Shelfield was chosen. The flight itself lasted several hours. All this time, the shoes were in the stratosphere, where temperatures range from 0,08 to 56 degrees Celsius. However, no damage happened to her.

Slipons who have been in the stratosphere are currently taking pride of place on shelves in the brand’s offices located in different countries of the world.

A five-minute video of the flight of Flossy slip-ons into the stratosphere was broadcast on social networks and received a large number of views around the world.

Brand of comfortable unisex shoes Flossy founded in 80's, a small family business in Spain. Thanks to the comfortable material and pad, as well as the sole made of flexible rubber, specially designed for comfort and fast walking, Flossy very quickly gained recognition among sailing fans in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. With the beginning of the nineties, the Spanish brand firmly established itself on the island of Ibiza, becoming a favorite among the representatives of Bohemia - street artists, artists, models.

The growing popularity has contributed to the expansion of the brand's presence outside of Spain, in different countries of the world. However, the demonstration of new Flossy models often takes place precisely in Ibiza. The popular youth resort reflects the spirit of the Spanish brand, whose collections are dominated by bright and cheerful colors, Flosy shoes also have a wide variety of prints and textures. The brand has been represented on the Russian market for about 5 years, shoes are sold in its own online store www.flossyshoes.ru and in the showroom in Moscow (ul.Timiryazevskaya 1 building 2), as well as in affiliate retail in INSTAGRAM.

The Spanish shoe brand Flossy has decided to surprise the world by sending four pairs of its slip-on sneakers on a space trip. The aim of the action was to draw attention to the brand of footwear consumers in everything ...
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