Marco Tozzi: rebranding and new store concept
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Marco Tozzi: rebranding and new store concept

The Wortmann group of companies from the German city of Detmold invested in the rebranding of the famous MarcoTozzi shoe brand. In February, a large-scale advertising campaign was launched in Europe (the spring-summer collection 2017), it began with Germany, then continued in Eastern Europe, as well as in Russia. The campaign budget is several million euros. The brand now has a new logo and a new retail concept. The first stores in the new design have already appeared in Germany.

“The strong Marco Tozzi collections have provided the brand with exceptional growth over several seasons. Thus, by promoting Marco Tozzi, we will be able to offer specialized trade another strong brand for the end user, ”commented Jens Beining, Chairman of the Management Board, Wortmann Group.

The concern entrusted the development of the concept of a unique advertising campaign to one of the leading marketing agencies in Germany. As a result, the advertisement turned out to be very bright and memorable.

“This unique and unforgettable end-user campaign is designed to situationally appeal to our consumer in her own language and make an indelible impression on her,” says Jens Beining.

The slogan that will run through the entire campaign is a direct question to the consumer: “Why do you choose Marco Tozzi shoes?” With this same question, the company will appeal to women on social networks, hoping to get an honest answer: “Because Marco Tozzi shoes are easy, beautiful, elegant, stylish ... ”Each woman will be able to write what was important when choosing Marco Tozzi shoes for her. It should be noted that the decision to directly appeal to consumers in advertising is quite bold, and only a company that is truly confident in its products can afford to take such a step. The company wanted to build a unique, unmatched communication with the end user in order to increase brand awareness and image.

The features and details of the Marco Tozzi brand have made it recognizable and beloved in many countries, including Russia. The decision to rebrand Marco Tozzi was made in connection with the need to give the brand a new, noble appearance, a new emotional component and personality. The goals of the rebranding are to increase the popularity of Marco Tozzi in Germany and other countries, positioning as a unique brand in the segment of fashionable women's shoes, attracting a younger, more fashionable audience.

Marco Tozzi's target audience has not changed, but the company is trying to expand it at the expense of young people. “Our customer is cheerful, confident and open to fashion trends,” the company said. The company's values ​​also remained the same: brand designers emphasize the details of shoes, which distinguishes it from competitors. Creativity, fashion, quality, variety of models, cool details, comfort, unique value for money - these are the main values ​​of the updated brand.

As part of the rebranding of Marco Tozzi, the logo, packaging and retail concept have changed. Shops have become more stylish, bright, comfortable for the presence of the buyer, they have a very cozy atmosphere, the feeling of being in a fashion show room is created, where it is nice to be and try on stylish, fashionable Marco Tozzi shoes.

The Wortmann group of companies from the German city of Detmold invested in the rebranding of the famous MarcoTozzi shoe brand. In February, launched a large-scale advertising campaign in Europe (a collection of ...
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