German shoe manufacturer optimistic about the future
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German shoe manufacturer optimistic about the future

CAPRICE completed the 2017 year with record-breaking performance and thus reaffirmed its leadership position in the women's footwear segment. Jurgen Kölsch, managing director and owner of the family-owned company CAPRICE, spoke about how the last season was worked out, about the CAPRICE collections for the spring-summer 2018 and fall-winter 2018 / 19 seasons, about the company's plans in an interview with SR.

Jürgen Kölsch Jürgen Kölsch - Managing Director and owner of the family business CAPRICE

Shoes in the style of comfort, casual, sport chic today are at the peak of popularity, while it has become very fashionable and stylish. Mr. Kölsch, how do you assess the current position of the CAPRICE brand in the segment of comfortable shoes in Germany and the internationalhome market in in particular in Russia?

Indeed, for several seasons we have seen that the demand for comfort-style shoes has increased significantly. At the same time, consumer requirements for comfortable, casual shoes have changed a lot. Our task, as shoe manufacturers with great experience and vast experience, is to change the stereotype of the negative perception of the term “comfort” by many people for whom comfortable, comfortable shoes do not mean fashionable. Today, buyers do not go and do not choose between fashion and comfort, they want to be stylish, fashionable and at the same time not to experience any unpleasant sensations so that their legs feel light and comfortable all day long. Responding to this demand of time, in the new CAPRICE collection for the spring-summer season of 2018, we present the CAPRICE Comfort line. In it, we have collected all our H-Wide models, which show how fashionable and stylish shoes can be, which is very comfortable and fits perfectly on the foot.

With what results does the company end the season of autumn-winter 2017 / 2018? And what are the volumes of orders for the upcoming spring season? 2018 summer?
We finished the last reporting period with record indicators. The interest in CAPRICE products among buyers, thanks to the fundamental philosophy of our company, has noticeably grown, and this is gratifying. The trend of growing popularity of the brand in Germany and abroad, increasing sales, development in general has been holding for several seasons and sets us in a major mood: we are optimistic about the future. The level of sales of our products in the fall-winter 2017/18 season in German retail is significantly higher than the level of the previous season, the volume of orders for the spring-summer 2018 collection is also showing an increase. Thus, CAPRICE continues to be one of the leaders in the list of manufacturers of women's shoes.

Do fashion trends play an increasingly important role for the company?
Absolutely! The times when it was necessary to choose between comfortable or fashionable models are long gone. The general direction to which our production is subordinated today is the creation of footwear that has a modern design, in the spirit of fashion trends, sits perfectly on the foot and is made of high-quality genuine leather. Therefore, each season CAPRICE presents a large collection that consists of no less than 200 models, very different, comfortable and very beautiful. In each new collection, our team designers embodies current fashion trends, while interpreting and rethinking them in their own way.

What is the ratio of Start Up orders to the main collection? Do you offer buyers an extensive collection that is always in stock?
Thanks to the good reviews of partners in shoe retail and constant contacts with them, CAPRICE has significantly expanded the Start Up collection. In it, we can present in advance to our customers a new design of current bestsellers in an attractive price range. Most of our trading contracts are still concluded during trips to international exhibitions with the main collection. We currently offer an assortment that is not always fully available, but we plan demand and forecast the volume of orders so that our customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of available models.

What models and materials from which await us in the next season autumn-winter 2018 / 19?
In the next fall-winter season, CAPRICE will prove that true beauty lies in the details. Decor in the form of metal rivets,
hinges and exquisite jewelry create a noble appearance of shoes. Satin lacing, functional elements such as ela-
Stylish inserts and zippers harmoniously complement the design. The innovative finishes for the softest leathers create a delightful visual and tactile effect. The highlight of the collection is leather models with embossed “waffle” pattern in combination with metallic colors. The collection for fall-winter 2018 / 19 uses harmonious color schemes, metallic becomes a new classic, radiating calm and stability. Classics are mixed with modernity, and this non-irritating mix is ​​a symbiosis of brilliance, glamor and self-confidence, characteristic of the image of a modern woman.

Do you think the boom in the popularity of sneakers and sports models will decline or continue?
Demand for running shoes is not weakening, otherwise there would be no queues in front of sports stores when any
limited model created in collaboration with one of the famous sportsmen. Of course, the share of sneakers in each collection,
where this type of shoes is, can change, but they will not completely disappear from our assortment. CAPRICE offers several models
sneakers in each collection, but we carefully monitor the balance.

Do you agree with the trend of individualizing shoes? What role can it play in the comfort shoe segment in the future?
We closely monitor the modern possibilities of individualizing clothes and shoes offered by retailers and manufacturers.
children, but for ourselves we do not yet consider this a mass phenomenon. Although there are interesting options, for example, it seems very
interesting supply of shoes with removable insoles. That is why we already produce most of our models with interchangeable
insoles to meet the needs of our customers.

Which of your latest innovations have been especially well received by customers?
CAPRICE launches the BLUE INNOVATION line in the fall-winter 2018 / 19 season. An innovation is the innovative sole and heel of BLUE
GRIP The first meetings with customers have already shown that the demand for innovations in the shoe assortment is very high, and, accordingly,
reflected in the volume of orders of innovative models.

CAPRICE ended 2017 with record performance and thus confirmed its leadership in the women's segment ...
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