With love for Russia: Jana arranges a reboot
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With love for Russia: Jana arranges a reboot

Less frills and more color: having studied in detail the wishes of our compatriots, Jana launches an exclusive spring / summer-2019 collection on the Russian market. Models presented to the attention of domestic fashionistas will be available only in Russia. Especially for readers, Shoes Report Jana reveals the secrets of an innovative approach.

Wider circle

In 2017-18, the shoe company Jana shoes GmbH & Co. KG (a subsidiary of the Wortmann Group), founded in 2000 in the German city of Lippe, has significantly expanded its presence in the Russian market. A steadily growing partner network today covers the entire country from West to East. “Comfort with a capital letter” is the main priority of the company.

Emphasis on wedges

The highlight of the spring / summer-2019 collection will be comfortable shoes of an elegant style on a low elegant wedge. The variety of models allows you to choose the perfect pair for absolutely any wardrobe and style - from a strict office to a casual romantic. Do not puzzle over what exactly to prefer: it is better to take several attracted models at once!

The elegant chic and unique design of each pair is traditionally combined with the embodiment of the main idea of ​​Jana, which invariably creates shoes not only beautiful, but also practical, functional and environmentally friendly. And now the brand’s technologists are paying special attention to the quality of the upper and lining materials, the use of natural materials, creating the effect of “breathing” leather.

Inspired by the summer

The inspiration of the designers of the new collection is the freshness and brightness of the summer mood. The most long-awaited, sunny and affectionate time of the year brings with it a feeling of carefree, endless happiness, the joy of long walks, the discovery of new lands. And, of course, weightless lightness - being and gait. In such shoes, it’s not just a carefree vacation, and a busy day with many meetings, movements, negotiations will be a joy!

All the most noticeable trends of the season were embodied in the collection: bold and laconic design, asymmetric and practical lines, soft harmonious colors and expressive texture of natural leathers.

Orange mood

In the summer, pastel shades are invariably popular. This year, mint and pale blue, as well as variations on the theme of beige, have emerged as leaders. The key color of the brand - orange - is also present in the models and sets the joyful mood of the summer. All these are the colors of the amazing summer sky, young grass, the gentle sun, which we always lack ... Put on such shoes - and you already want to smile. Here, of course, you can’t sit at home or in the office, because you want to use any free minute to breathe plenty of spicy summer air and “walk” your beloved couple, in which you certainly feel the most compelling.

Rather, a date - with your loved one, with the city, with friends, with family, with yourself!

Everything, as you want

Reloading Jana - a special emphasis on texture and color, avoiding outdated decor excesses in favor of refined elegance - a sign of special brand loyalty to its Russian customers. The company is deeply grateful for the feedback and does everything possible to take into account and maximally translate the wishes of the brand's fans into new collections. And today they are in Russia as follows: we want more color (during the long winter, gray everyday life is so boring!); simplicity and conciseness (and ryushechki and "trinkets", please leave in the past!); beauty and convenience, and also - matching brand status to its price and quality.

True to yourself

In Russia, as well as throughout the world, Jana shoes are loved not only for their external, but also for their internal beauty, for everything that gives comfort and light-wingedness. These are the same “smart” technologies of the brand: extremely soft insole Soft step, flexible sole Soft Flex, the best heel in the world: thanks to the ANTIshokk technology patented in all countries of Europe, the load on the foot at each step is reduced by more than 50%.

Last season, Jana shoes became even more comfortable thanks to the use of vegetable tanned leather Vegetable Leather or 100% wool, as well as the adjustment of the Comfort Fit completeness: all models are made with the completeness of G (standard fullness feet) or H (for wide feet). Pleased with the "hidden opportunities": a removable insole Removable Sock and antibacterial lining Foot Guard.

The very last word is Jana Relax technology. The soft comfortable zone relieves and softens the pressure on the heel zone at every step you take. This is a special design “live sole” made of soft rubber, which, when walking, can change the terrain, adjusting, remembering and repeating the shape of the heel. On the sole, this area is specifically indicated by a red circle. Jana Relax has a massage effect on the heels, providing comfort to the entire foot, eliminating swelling and stagnation in the legs. By acting on reflex points located in the heel area, Jana Relax helps improve blood circulation and prevents leg fatigue throughout the day.

Fun together

The Jana Shoes team admits: creating in a dialogue is priceless. That is why the company carefully records all the reviews and wishes of customers. They motivate and inspire, and, of course, give impetus to create more and more masterpieces. Got something to say? Do not be shy, because with Jana from dream to embodiment - one step!

Realizing our desires, Jana takes confident steps forward. Still, in such and such shoes! ..

Less frills and more color: having studied in detail the wishes of our compatriots, Jana launches an exclusive spring / summer-2019 collection on the Russian market. Models presented to attention ...
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