5 shoe retail interiors
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5 shoe retail interiors

The interior of the store is the brand name of the brand and a showcase for the goods. Some of the retailers pay more attention to the functionality of the equipment, someone seeks minimalism to highlight the product, someone is not afraid of details and, due to the original design, is trying to transmit DNA brands to the buyer. Shoes Report chose five interesting design solutions for shoe retail in stores of different brands in different countries of the world.

Functional Design FitFlop Store

The British casual footwear brand FitFlop once thought about creating a new concept for its branded retail and set the task for architects to develop a system that is convenient for transportation, easy to assemble, recognizable and suitable for arranging different types of stores - from monobrand to a corner in a shopping center.

The architectural bureau Sybarite took over its implementation and developed a concept that included branded equipment, furniture, and graphic design elements. The main element of the system is a removable "button" on the wall. This "button" can be transformed into a shelf, hook, "pocket". Such equipment makes it possible to place goods in the store in different ways. In this case, the embossed network logo is placed on the removable elements. The brand's first store, equipped with the new concept, opened in January 2011 in the Philippines.

The dynamic style of the Camper store in Granada

In 2011, commissioned by the Spanish leading shoe manufacturer Camper, specialists from the Spanish studio A-cero developed an interior design to update the brand’s store in the small Spanish town of Granada. By the way, each Camper store has its own style, which depends on the choice of a designer for interior design. This small store in Granada, with an area of ​​about 50 sq. meters, is perhaps one of the most striking in the brand’s network.

The store is decorated in red and white. White lacquered wood shelves are attached to the red walls. The room is shared by a red wavy bench. In order to deepen the space, a large mirror hangs on the back wall of the room. Behind this wall is a utility room.

Shoe showcase Tracey Neuls

Pop-up or temporary store today is a rather popular format. Opening a pop-up store is relevant for a brand if its owner is aiming to enter a new region and wants to first feel the demand, or is planning to work at some significant exhibition or fair. In the latter case, it is especially important to attract the buyer with an interesting design concept, which, for example, was done by the British shoe designer Tracy Newles. After the Tracey Neuls pop-up store opened at the Shop & Show in London in 2009, the brand has been featured in many interior design magazines. Although the idea for the shop, which was opened primarily to showcase the shoe brand's decade-long heritage, was pretty simple. Showcases for shoes, boots and stockings here are old office drawers stacked on top of each other; they (connected by a vice) fit into a brightly textured display wall. Shoes also hang from the ceiling on special threads, thereby creating a kind of creative mess in the store space.

Vintage Frye store in New York.

About Frye brand shoes they say that it is eternal - it is so comfortable and worn for a long time. The design of the Frye flagship store in New York conveys the style of the brand, the history of which dates back more than 150 years. Designers tried to reproduce in the store the spirit of the twentieth century, its industrial shops and workshops. The industrial style gives the store the use of various types of wood and metal. Antique copper fixtures, metal shoe racks and an oak floor create a rather eclectic space. The store is located on 6000 square. ft. and is, in fact, one of the vibrant sights of New York Soho. The author of the interior is AvroKO Design Studio.

Checkered shop Little Shoes in Barcelona

Checkered ceramic tiles resemble a school notebook and cover the entire area of ​​the store (100 square meters), including walls, floor and ceiling. The interior of the store is a work of the international design studio Nábito. Racks for shoes are made in the form of cubes of different sizes. Thus, the designers tried to convey the atmosphere of school years, where study (notebook cell) is combined with games (children's cubes). The minimalistic white cage contrasts well with bright shoes, attracting the eye of the buyer directly to the product. And in order for the checkered background not to put too much pressure on customers with its uniformity, conditional notebook sheets are sometimes diluted with children's scribbles, just like in a real school notebook.

The interior of the store is the brand name of the brand and a showcase for the goods.
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