Good architecture is Fellini, a female body and love
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Good architecture is Fellini, a female body and love

He loves furniture on wheels to make it easier to move. He has no curtains in his house - because he does not want any filters between him and the sun. His favorite word is simple. He believes that all world problems would be solved much easier if people learned to feel themselves part of not only their country and religion, but the entire planet. Architect, designer and provocateur Fabio Novembre stands out among the new generation of designers and architects for eccentricity, daring and scale. The things, objects and interiors invented by him puzzle, annoy, surprise, amuse - in general, cause reciprocal feelings.

SR78_Merchandising_FabioNovembre_2.jpgFabio Novembre received an excellent education at the Milan Polytechnic Institute, not only technical, but also humanitarian (students in Italian architecture schools study philosophy, sociology, literature and art). “In Italy, you choose architecture to broaden your worldview, not to pursue a profession,” explains Fabio. “Education in this area has never been focused on knowing how to build buildings. When I left the walls of the institute, I had no idea how to put one brick on top of another. "

In 1994, when he was in New York, where he was fascinated by a passion for cinema and a desire to become a director, he met with fashion designer Anna Molinari, who entrusted him with the design of her first store in Hong Kong. This project was followed by other orders for the design of shops, restaurants, bars in London, New York, Singapore, Florence, Milan.

Critics characterize Fabio Novembre's style as a narcissistic neo-baroque. Its otherworldly, expressive and playful style is ideal for retail interiors. It is always a challenge, provocation, mystery, intrigue, and at the same time poetics.

He calls the films of Fellini, the female body and love, the main sources of his inspiration. “I believe that love is the password for everything. Love is the energy of the Universe, with its help the heart of the world beats. " And architecture is like love: “Because, like love, it is the last sure means for dialogue without intermediaries. Architecture provides a three-dimensional focus for communicating with bodies, things. "

Fabio Novembre also contributed to the design of shoe boutiques. Its design for the Stuart Weitzman boutique cannot be called anything other than surreal. Russian journalists have more than once compared the shelves of the boutique with laces, but this is a “folk etymology”. The idea was different ...

“They searched my closets to find skeletons. But, thank God, all they found was shoes, just shoes, ”said Imelda Marcos, the first lady of the Philippines, with a smile, destroying the feelings of all women who, like Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series“ Sex and the City ”, already long ago turned shoes into a fetish. Just shoes! Shoes are truly the quintessence of modern design: an artifact that requires great skill from the one who makes it, the object of desire embodied for the one who wears it, reflects Fabio Novembre, - Clothes do not always follow body changes, but the best shoes are always with precision to the millimeter repeat the features of the foot and adapt to it: perhaps that is why women admire Stuart Weitsman so much. When Stewart approached me with a request to design retail places where shoes of his design are presented, I immediately thought of precious monstrosities "a la Jesus" so that the shoes would be wrapped as a gift to the customer, along with ribbons. The imitation of such tapes continuously follows the entire space of the store, showing (and guiding) the trajectory along which the vector of the customer's desire moves. " Working on any project, Novembre is never guided by considerations of functionality. His relationship with clients is different. For Fabio, a client is a philanthropist who hands a microphone to a designer so that he can speak. Who does it work for? “I’m not interested in whether someone’s ass is comfortable in the chair, I’m wondering if something comes into someone’s soul, something from a chair, from boxes ... I try to reach out to the heart. My works are love stories, they are fairy tales that come true ”.

Architect, designer and provocateur Fabio Novembre stands out among the new generation of designers and architects with eccentricity, courage and scale. Invented things, objects and interiors ...
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