3 reasons for the development of omni-channel
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3 reasons for the development of omni-channel

For large and small companies whose goal is to enter new markets, opening offline stores can be an expensive and completely impractical solution. This is especially true for startup companies. Creating a web site, developing e-commerce and launching a mobile application is often a good opportunity to feel the potential of the market, “try out the water before completely diving into it.”

Many companies come to the conclusion that the development of online sales is the best way to enter new markets, and generally do not see the point in opening traditional retail.

But if it is impossible to refuse traditional retail, all sales channels should be set up in such a way that they work in conjunction with each other and help the business achieve the best result. The main tool that can help with this is omnichannel.

In particular, the introduction of the “Buy Online Pick-up in Store” program has helped many retailers increase sales and profits.

In addition, brands and retailers should often interact with their customers to ensure that their product is always heard and remains in the memory of consumers. Advertising on traditional media channels such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers is one of the methods, but brand’s social networks and website in communication with existing and potential customers play a key role today.

Successful marketers know that not every communication with a consumer must necessarily translate into specific sales. Social media helps the company build long-term relationships with its consumers through constant, but not too intrusive communication.

Thanks to the “live” groups of the brand in social networks, loyal consumers are able to learn about discounts and periods of sales, this tactic creates a feeling among consumers that the company appreciates their attention and loyalty.

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For large and small companies, whose goal is to enter new sales markets, opening offline stores can be expensive and completely impractical ...
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