How the Russian buyer will change
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How the Russian buyer will change

If everything is more or less clear with the influence of politics on retail and the effect of sanctions, then the next question, which is still not fully comprehended, is how the consciousness of the Russian buyer will change.

“The new style of the Russian buyer is European family budgeting and immunity to large impulse purchases,” says Miroslav Zubachevsky, Managing Director of KupiVip E-Commerce Services. - During the era of relatively calm 2000s, our citizens satisfied their first shopping hunger. In 2015, the average Russian family comes with a complete set of everyday wardrobe. " So it can be assumed that the assortment retail strategy of risk reduction, which is expressed in purchases, mainly of basic lines of clothing and footwear, will not be entirely relevant in this crisis.

Also, according to Mikhail Zubatsky, SALE becomes the main anchor of the psychological code of shopping lovers in Russia.

“In the price confrontation between the buyer and the seller, for the first time, people from the outside of the counter start to dominate. In the coming years, brands operating in Russia will have to get used to lower margins and an average check, says Mikhail. “Due to the absence of expenses for the lease of retail space and the army of sales consultants, the most advantageous offers for consumers in the SALE format are ready to make online stores, in whose hands the initiative in the unfolding battle for a new generation of buyers”.

The intrigue remains what online stores will be. Experts from J'son & Partners Consulting found that every fourth online store in Russia is unprofitable. But eBay and AliExpress send 145 orders to Russia every day. The average bill when ordering goods from our citizens abroad is 000 rubles, within Russia - 4400 rubles.

Let us also recall that representatives of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications predict a 2014% growth in the Internet market in Russia by the end of 30. But in the coming years, analysts assure that the growth rate of slowdown in this area can reach indicators of 15-20%. The main reason is the general economic downturn and the decline in purchasing activity.

If everything is more or less clear with the influence of politics on retail and the effect of sanctions, then the next question, which is still not fully comprehended, is how the consciousness of the Russian ...
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