Programmable Demand
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Programmable Demand

U.S. company 20/20 Research introduced a new development: a program that helps to study consumer behavior without leaving the office.

Thorough knowledge of the target audience, the exact profile of each buyer - this is the main task of the retail. This data will allow you to competently build up all sales channels and get the maximum profit. That is why more and more developments have appeared recently, offering to enrich the ordinary retailer with the necessary knowledge. Digital technologies are increasingly penetrating the field of marketing research.

In which direction will the main flow of consumers move, at which shelves will the buyers stop more often, which product to choose and which one to ignore… - all these questions can now be answered long before the store opens.

Market research technology company 20/20 Research has created an entire virtual store. The new development will allow companies to conduct research without leaving the office: the target group will “walk” through the store without getting up from their comfortable chairs.

A computer simulator recreates the interiors of certain retail outlets or simulates non-existent ones that are under development. During the study, participants in the experiment are given one or another introductory task, observing their actions. Thanks to the program, you can simultaneously monitor the respondent's eye movements to determine what attracts his most attention. Thus, the results of such walks through virtual spaces provide unique information on how people behave and react in different conditions and in different places. According to the founder of the developer company Jim Bryson the technology is unique, and its possibilities are endless.

It remains to take a word and wait for a larger application of the program. If everything is exactly as programmers say, a bright future awaits us, in which there will be no erroneous purchases, not popular models and errors in merchandising!

We study the behavior of customers in the virtual space The American company 20/20 Research introduced a new development: a program that helps to study consumer behavior without leaving ...
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