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Bris-Bosphorus extends Disney contract

The Russian shoe manufacturer GC Brice-Bosphorus has renewed its licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company in Russia and entered into a second contract for the production of footwear with Marvel characters.

For the first time, Brice-Bosphorus Group entered into a licensing agreement with Disney in 2015. For Disney, this was the first experience of cooperation with the Russian shoe industry.

According to the general director of the Bris-Bosphorus Group of Companies, Vyacheslav Zykov, the contract with Disney was a good opportunity to increase the production of children's products. Under the Disney brand, nearly 300 thousand pairs of children's shoes were produced. In the future, Bris-Bosphorus plans to increase the share of shoes under the Disney and Marvel brands to 30% of total production.

Thanks to the licensing contract, Bris-Bosphorus launched the production of dutiks, water socks, and in the new season, the Disney shoe range will expand to include uggs and sports shoes. Swimming socks are a new category in the Russian footwear market, they are designed to protect your feet from cuts, scratches and cold water while swimming, diving, boating, walking along the beach, visiting the watercolors and regular games in the country.

In addition, to become a Disney partner, the company received an ILS certificate (International Labor Standards - international labor standards), which confirmed that the working conditions at the enterprise comply with international standards. In 2018, a new ILS audit is planned. The new Bris-Bosphorus factory, which is currently under construction in Novorossiysk, will also pass this test at Disney. With input new factory production capacity of Bris-Bosphorus will increase several times. The estimated capacity of the new enterprise is 10 million pairs of shoes per year.

In 2017, Brice-Bosphorus acquired a second franchise for producing shoes with Marvel heroes - first of all, shoes with spider-man, avengers and guardians of the galaxy will fall on the shelves. For Bris-Bosphorus, this means expanding the age audience of customers at the expense of adolescents. Now “Bris-Bosphorus” produces shoes with Spider-Man (the most popular character in the ratings) for boys from 3 to 11 years old; shoes with the heroes of "Avengers" for teenagers 13-15 years old, and shoes with "Guardians of the Galaxy" for teenagers 13-15 years old.

Characters from the Marvel universe will appear on sneakers, rubber boots, sports boots, indoor and other footwear.

According to the company's press release, in 2018 Disney will release three new films at once, so licensed shoes will have huge media support. The Russian premiere of the new part of the Avengers: Infinity War franchise will take place on May 11, 2018. On July 6, 2018, Marvel will present the film “Captain Marvel”, and on November 2 of the same year, the screen version of the comic books “Inhumans” will be released.

In addition, in 2018 Marvel celebrates a decade, and in honor of this event, a large event program is provided in cinemas and other venues, which will also attract attention to the brand’s partners.

Under the Disney brand, under the new contract, home shoes, winter and summer collections of front and walking shoes, sports shoes for children and adolescents will continue to be produced. Wholesale partners of the company will be able to order not only shoes, but also sketches for expanding the matrix in the event that the heroes they need are not in the collection.

Disney and Marvel licensed shoes will be presented in specialized children's retail, federal chains and shoe multi-brands.

Among the shoe brands using images of Disney movie heroes in their design are New Balance, Puma, and luxury shoe brand Ruthie Davis.

In Russia, Disney is also successfully developing a licensed business model; the Russian representative office of the film company has about two hundred licensed partners.

Group of companies "Bris-Bosphorus" founded in 1994. Shoe factories "Bris-Bosphorus", located in Moscow and the Krasnodar Territory, produce about 20 million pairs of shoes per year for men, women and children assortment for various functional purposes. The factories independently produce soles, insoles and accessories for shoes from various materials. The own network of shoe stores under the brands Fabbris and Our Shoes totals 110 points.

The Russian footwear manufacturer Bris-Bosphorus Group of Companies has extended its licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company in Russia and signed a second contract for the production of footwear with characters ...

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