"Mila" - shoes wholesale "will create an online store for each client
10.02.2011 1938

"Mila" - shoes wholesale "will create an online store for each client

The company "Mila" - wholesale footwear "offered each customer a free creation of an online store for retail trade in footwear and its full information support. Alexander Abroleather, a specialist at ElitMaster, spoke about the principle of operation of such an online store: “When an online application is formed on the website KompaniyaMila.rf or 2166340.ru, the product will be automatically added to the Mila's client's online store. In this case, the client does not actually administer the site, he only has to set the price of the product. On the basis of a supplier, such a SAAS offer is a service for a remote user that is unique today. "

According to the IT companies of Yekaterinburg, the minimum cost of developing an online store is 7000 rubles. Mila's customers - wholesale shoes will receive this service for free. It will be necessary to pay only monthly services: technical support, hosting, content and information support - in the amount of 300-500 rubles per month.

“Obvious economic benefit is not the only advantage of our offer,” commented Alexander Milodov, Manager of Mila - Wholesale Shoes. - The client can start trading in goods not yet received, while delivery is still in progress. In addition, we took into account the specifics of deliveries of goods at retail, and the online store will have the opportunity to add goods from other suppliers independently: manually or automatically through Exsel specifications. ”

The company "Mila" - wholesale shoes "offered each customer a free creation of an online store for retail trade in footwear and its full information support. 

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