Portal shoe brand announces collaboration with bloggers Portal brought Instagram fashion bloggers to collaborate
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Portal shoe brand announces collaboration with bloggers

At the beginning of next week, the Portal shoe brand is launching a New Year's capsule collection of shoes, developed in collaboration with the most fashionable bloggers in Moscow. The collection contains boots and low shoes of positive colors, sneakers and trainers, shoes, loafers, ankle boots and boots.

The capsule collection, which Portal is launching in collaboration with leading bloggers in Russian social networks, offers strong advertising support. Three girls are involved in the campaign, whose blogs only in the Instagram network collect about 200-400 thousand subscribers. Each of them also has accounts in other popular social networks - Vkontakte, Facebook, on youtube.com

The total audience reach of the three bloggers is almost a million subscribers (976 000):

In the blog of Anastasia Volkova (https://www.instagram.com/anastasia_volkova/) - the beautiful life of a New York fashionista - these are urban sketches of New York, travel, ocean shore, stylish interiors, mood and fashion. The number of blog subscribers on Instagramm - more than 405 thousand people;

a slender girl with a tattoo and piercing, dyed pink hair by Dara Muscat (https://www.instagram.com/daramuscat/) shoots cute videos about his movements in European capitals - Stockholm, Berlin and uploads them to youtube.com, where the number of views of one such story can reach more than 30 thousand people. The total number of Dara's subscribers on youtube.com is almost 93 thousand (92 615). On Instagram, her audience is even wider - 328 thousand subscribers;  

the same ones - travels, neat architecture and variations of flower bouquets and compositions, and the heroine herself, a pretty long-haired brunette - fill the blog, the third participant in the Portal campaign - linadelika (https://www.instagram.com/linadelika/) The audience of this girl’s Instagram blog has 243 thousands of subscribers.

At the beginning of next week, the Portal footwear brand is launching a New Year's capsule collection of shoes, developed in collaboration with the most fashionable bloggers in Moscow. In the collection ...

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