Russian factories return to the production of shoes made of artificial materials
29.07.2011 2849

Russian factories return to the production of shoes made of artificial materials

In conditions of shortage and a sharp rise in price of natural products, Russian shoe factories returned to the production of shoes made of artificial materials. By the upcoming winter season, they had produced their felt boots and other children's shoes not from natural wool, but from knitted fur with a pile of natural sheep’s wool. Such technology was widely used in the Soviet years. 

The production technology is that sheared wool is used, which is transferred to the fabric base, while the sheep are sheared 1-2 times a year. For farmers, the savings are obvious - you do not need to slaughter some animals and feed them to replace them. For Russian shoe makers, this is an opportunity to keep prices at the same level and maintain customer loyalty.

Many clients of the Mila - Wholesale Shoes Company have already appreciated all the advantages and have expressed a desire to offer their customers footwear made using the “new” technology. In addition, each participant in this distribution chain will be able to feel their involvement in the preservation of another living soul on our planet, emphasize in the Mila company.

In conditions of a shortage and a sharp rise in price of a natural product, Russian shoe factories returned to the production of shoes from artificial ...

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