The Russian Union of Leatherworkers and Shoemakers Complained to the President
22.07.2011 3588

The Russian Union of Leatherworkers and Shoemakers Complained to the President

The Russian Union of Tanners and Shoemakers opposed an increase in the duty-free rate for the import of goods into Russia. Recall that the Customs Union plans to increase the duty-free rate for the import of goods by individuals crossing the customs border from 1,5 thousand euros to 10 thousand euros. This proposal was initiated by the Russian side.

An increase in the import rate to 10 thousand Euros, according to RSKO, will increase the duty-free import of consumer goods and will lead to increased unequal competition in the Russian market.

RSKO sent a telegram of disagreement with this decision to the President of the country, as well as letters to the government of the Russian Federation and the Commission of the Customs Union. The telegram says that the adoption of this decision within the framework of the Customs Union will lead to the revival of shuttle schemes, a sharp increase in duty-free imports of light industry goods, unequal competition for Russian manufacturers, reduction and loss of domestic production, unemployment in the regions. According to the calculations of the RSKO, for 10 thousand euros, one person in one trip can import 1,5 thousand pairs of shoes, that is, one shuttle can destroy a shoe enterprise with a capacity of 200 thousand pairs of shoes a year and 150-200 pairs per year. man. Russian manufacturers are categorically opposed to increasing the duty-free import rate and demand that this decision be canceled.

The Russian Union of Leatherworkers and Shoemakers opposed an increase in the duty-free rate of import of goods to ...

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