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22 of October. Training is a shoe business. Retail Balance Minimization

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The seminar is intended for product managers, product analysts, marketers, brand managers, specialists and managers of retail shoe companies.


The workshop includes theoretical and practical parts, which allows you to effectively learn the material; held in the mode of your active interaction with the coach. Seminar participants are provided with handouts. At the end of the seminar, you will receive a certificate from Fashion Consulting Group.


Topic 1. The reasons for the occurrence of residues:

  • How is the formation of residues.
  • Strategic mistakes - causes and methods to reduce residues.
  • Operational errors - causes and methods to reduce residues

Theme 2. Balance Liquidity Assessment

  • Residual liquidity groups
  • Procedure for managing balances
  • Assessment of liquidity indicators and their use in the practice of shoe companies (calculation examples):

- the payback of the purchase and the payback ratio

- actual markup

- inventory turnover

- the value of the forecasted residues at the end of the season

Theme 3. Special forms of trade for the sale of balances - stock trading


Galina Kravchenko - Head of the Footwear direction, leading consultant at Fashion Consulting Group.

Education: State University of Management ("National Economy"), Graduate School of Inholland, Netherlands ("Brand Management and Marketing Management"). Experience in marketing and advertising 10 years, of which 8 years in the shoe business. Working in the industry, she has gone from a brand manager to a marketing director and a member of the board of directors. Collaborated with the companies TM Camelot, LLC Zenden, TM Novalkan, LLC "Selesko". As a consultant, she participated in projects with Econika, Sela, MOLITO GROUP, Holding Center, Westland, CABLOOK and others. She regularly monitors the footwear market and prepares systemic marketing reports. Author of articles on marketing and, in particular, the footwear market, published in publications: Shoes Report, Pro Fashion, Fashion Store, Life & Market, Firm's Secret, etc. Author and host of a series of training workshops for the shoe business and specialized master classes for the MBA program "Strategic Management in the Fashion Industry".

Duration of the workshop: 1 day (8 academic hours).

Beginning of the workshop from 10.30 to 17.30.

Seminar cost: 9 600 rubles


Educational center Fashion Consulting Group

Moscow, Maly Gnezdnikovsky per., 4, building of the National Research University Higher School of Economics


Call us by phone: + 7 (495) 629-69-85, 629-01-58, 766-07-26

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