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30 custom solutions. Retail technology - in bulk, in case studies!

30 custom solutions. Retail technology - in bulk, in case studies!

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October 23-24, Moscow. Congress and Expo Retail Technology Retail detail. For the first time on the same site, Network Board Members responsible for development, operational management, marketing, staff, IT и logistics... Together, we break down innovation for every functional area of ​​the web. Their mutual influence and implementation experience. New retail technologies - wholesale for 99 Euro! Uniquely low ticket price for BBCG projects!

What specific solutions? At the Congress "Retail Chain of the Future", at the expo of suppliers of technological innovations, we inspect:

Smart monitoring and forecasting the technical condition of equipment and safety in the store. Internal collection. Collection recycling, coin acceptors. Self-checkouts of the new generation. Automatic analysis of video monitoring, security and traffic control. A technique for recognizing potential threats from buyers. Robotics, video presence androids, robots promoters. Robotic warehouse in a store / pharmacy. Racks and refrigeration equipment of new generations. Project management of the launch of the store. Green technologies for development and operation. Fresh produce delivery systems. Project management of the planning and zoning of the store. Remote control system and automatic notification of operational and safety threats at facilities. Tracking systems in the supply chain. Navigation and traffic optimization for the fleet and driver status monitoring. The evolution of ERP systems in the network.

Analysis of traffic and its quality by "reading" the signals of Bluetooth mobile devices. Interactive touchscreen CRM at the box office. Advertising promotions in customer’s geolocation systems. Loyalty systems based on new generation bank cards. Analytical systems for infrared monitoring of departments and product categories. Google-glass, Augmented Reality. Interactive mirrors, augmented reality in the store. Designing a multi-channel era store. Communications of employees on the corporate portal and the organization of the bridge in social networks. Mobile applications of retailers in the ideology of SoLoMo. Intelligent clothing consultancy customer service systems.

They analyze the experience of implementation, the prospects of solutions:

Sergey Fedorinov, general manager Yulmart, Dmitry Zvonkov, Nonprofit Purchasing Director X5 Retail Group, Pierre Tramier, CEO's councelor Auchan Russia, Sergey Mukutsa, director of the project office (director of innovation. - approx. BBCG) Dixie Group of Companies, Vitaliy Bilevich, Director of Information Systems Development Dixy Group of Companies, Yasen Todorov, general manager METRO SYSTEMS, Vyacheslav Mikhailovsky, safety manager METRO Cash & Carry, Sergey Admiralsky, Director of IT Company Adamas, Elena Puzanova, Head of the Division for Remuneration and Organizational Development, METRO Cash & Carry, Igor Chebunin, vice president of network logistics Eldorado, Alexander Artyukhov, IT Director INCITY, Elena Kalininskaya, marketing director SPAR, Oleg Krasheninin, HR Director of the company Sela, Andrey Troshin, Director of e-commerce company Sela, Natalya Dmitrieva, company marketing director Sela, Olga Artamonova, Director-coordinator of international projects, development and legal work Finn Flare, Vitaliy Bilevich, Director of Information Systems Development Dixy Group of Companies, Alexey Mishin, Head of Internal Procurement Enter, Alexander Panin, IT Director “Express Retail” (“Crossroads”), Vasily Karjakin, Director for financial, strategic and project management of the pharmacy chain "Zhivika", Project manager" Robosklad ", Tatyana Gladyuk, HR Director of the company Inventive Retail Group (Monobrand stores re: Store, Samsung, Sony, Nike, LEGO), Sergey Admiralsky, IT Director Adamas, Sergey Rusov, network development director "The Alphabet of Taste", Alexander Alekhine, Holding IT Director OZON, Victor Lukanin, vice president of commerce company Euroset

Olga Karaeva, general manager "Shop of the future"

Contacts: Kamenskaya Ksenia, Head of PR and External Relations, BBCG, +7(495) 785-22-06

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