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Your customer’s journey to sale. “Russian Sales Week '2015”

Your customer’s journey to sale. “Russian Sales Week '2015”

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There is a hypothesis that it is necessary to work intensively with those customers who have formed a need, there is a budget for its satisfaction and a decision-making period. But this hypothesis is a fallacy.

Do not forget that there are those buyers who are already ready to make a purchase, and those who need time to think it over. If you act incorrectly, then the second category of buyers will leave the sales funnel and will not make a purchase. But right now, in times of crisis, it is necessary to step up all your forces and close deals to the maximum. 

To do this, it is necessary to accompany the client on his journey to the sale even before the funnel, when he only gets acquainted with the product. It is important to remember that the journey of a client begins from the first second when you attracted it using marketing tools. When a customer responds to your invitation, a dialogue begins.
From this moment you try to learn as much as possible about your client - his portrait, set of needs, value for the company. 
Feel free to pass the client on sale after communicating with the client, evaluating his prospects using the criterion BANT:

  • have a budget (Budget),
  • he can make a decision (Authority)
  • if the client clearly needs (Need),
  • ready to make a purchase soon (Time).

These and other relevant topics in the field of sales will be discussed by the country's top speakers at the cult forum. "Russian 2015 Sales Week" from 25 to 28 on November in Moscow and online worldwide.

  • 1500 participants
  • 80 TOP speakers of Russia
  • 350 Media Partners

    The event will be supported by the Moscow government. 
    Waiting for you there!

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