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Managing Purchasing Behavior in a Slowing Economy

Managing Purchasing Behavior in a Slowing Economy

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94% of the CEOs and CMOs we surveyed said the main feature this year was slowing growth or even declining sales. What awaits us in the near future: economic recovery or a new recession? How can marketers competently influence sales in the new environment? These and other issues will be in the focus of attention of the XIV TOP Marketing Business Forum, which will be held on November 26, 27 and 28 in Moscow

Today, more than ever, shareholders expect marketing to increase sales and increase profits. According to a Fournaise Marketing Group study, 73% of top managers don’t see how sales in their companies are related to marketing efforts. The trend has been a gradual reduction in marketing budgets and an increase in sales targets for marketing teams. Meanwhile, buyers have become more demanding, more active in communication through social networks and more resistant to marketing influences, tired of the huge flow of information from brands. According to the JWT agency, information overload, which has intensified in the last 2-3 years, will reach a critical point in the very near future.

However, over the past year, new approaches, tools and technologies have appeared that allow marketers to achieve better results than ever without spending significant resources.

At the Autumn Forum, you can learn from the marketing directors of the largest Russian and foreign companies how they use key marketing trends to achieve a leading position for their products in the market. 

The main thing in the program of the XIV Forum:

· Shopping behavior. How can it be managed in the new information landscape?

· Marketing generating sales. How to build sales marketing and find metrics by which to evaluate the real contribution of marketing to the company's profitability?

· Consumer involvement. How to build truly engaging communication and achieve customer loyalty despite a glut of information and a weakening interest in brands?

· Big Data. How to collect customer data, choose the right ones and build an effective marketing strategy based on them in the conditions of a huge amount of available information?

· Social networks. How to use them more efficiently and accurately, so that they bring real benefits to the business, and how to evaluate this benefit?

· The process of developing and launching new products. How to research the market to understand which product is needed? How to build a startup process and coordinate all the functions of the company for a successful result?

· Personal marketing success. How to gain political influence and sell the results of your work to business leaders of the company?

Key features of the XIV Forum:

  1. For the first time! "Marketing career" - A session of express negotiations between marketers and HRs and marketing directors of leading companies in the Russian market. A unique opportunity to learn about working conditions in the main companies of the country in 2 hours!
  2. First! November 28th master class of the British Royal Marketing Institute (CIM) “Working insights. How to find ideas that lead to sales growth. " Participants receive Certified by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Conducted by an expert with 20 years of experience in marketing, a teacher at CIM Cesar Lastra
  3. Extremely rich program: 3 of the day 25 by 100 cases of successful marketing directly from their creators. Only practical recommendations, working technologies, lack of “water” and self-promotion.
  4. European standards. The Forum program is compiled in accordance with the course "Learning & Development" Royal Institute of Marketing of Great Britain (CIM) and reflects all the core competencies of the Marketing manager: Strategy and Planning, Insight and Innovations, Branding, Product Management, Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Metrics and more.
  5. Unique composition of speakers! All leaders on one platform: 80+ speakers!

Business Forums "TOP Marketing"

1. SPEAKERS: Unique composition

Only highly professional top marketing managers of the leading and most dynamically growing companies are carefully selected and invited to perform. This means - only real cases, proven practice of the procedure, the lack of self-promotion.

2. PROGRAM: Relevance and Integrity

The program is specially developed for each Forum together with members of the Expert Council and reflects the current key trends of the Russian market. Each meeting is dedicated to a specific marketing tool: communication (Promotion), products (Product), distribution (Place), etc., as well as the features of its use in the current environment. As a result, delegates get a rare opportunity for everything in three days to get acquainted with successful management cases throughout the entire marketing mix!

3. SPEECHES: Case Orientation

We ask each speaker that his presentation be based on current casescontaining examples and conclusions useful to marketers. The program is scheduled for special meetings on the features of marketing management in the markets of FMCG, "Financial Services", Retail, "IT and Telecom", Industry.

4. COMMUNICATION: Special formats for business dating

Signature dating session TOP-MM Networking® during the drink-party on April 10, special opportunities for communication between delegates before the Forum, personal "negotiation organizers", the Forum messenger, a full list of participants' contacts and many others. other.

5. BUSINESS PARTNERS: Search, negotiations, conclusion of transactions

A good opportunity for advertising and other agencies to present to the Forum participants their products and services, meet potential customers, and conduct business negotiations.

Expert Council of the TOP-MM Business Forum:

Denis Sherstennikov (“Baltika”), Regina Kuzmina (unilever), Hamid Kostoev (Accenture), Mikhail Safran (Expert), Natalia Vasina (Wim-Bill-Dann) Victor Pogodin ("Bank of Moscow"), Andrey Rukavishnikov (Expert).

Strategic partner: Russian Marketing Association

Each delegate is provided with a "Certificate of Participation", certified by the Russian Marketing Association.

TOP Marketing Forum - an event that should not be missed by a marketer!

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