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Increase the efficiency of wholesale sales: 5-day course of Natalia Chinenova starts on December 4

Increase the efficiency of wholesale sales: 5-day course of Natalia Chinenova starts on December 4

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From December 4 to 8, Fashion Consulting Group will hold an intensive course dedicated to improving the efficiency of wholesale sales. The course consists of 5 seminars that will be useful for executives and managers of the wholesale departments of manufacturing companies, Russian and foreign brands, owners and managers of manufacturing companies and showrooms, independent designers of clothing, footwear and accessories.   

“The current economic situation in the country was marked not only by the era of rational consumption and a decrease in the purchasing power of the population, the conditions of sales on the domestic market have changed,” says Natalya Chinenova, author and moderator of the course, senior consultant on business technologies in retail, and a leading expert in franchising. and Distribution. - Manufacturers and wholesalers are faced with completely new requirements from both retail and regular customers. Wholesale management is important to start with analytics and strategy selection. At the seminars we will analyze what makes up the effectiveness of wholesale sales, how pricing is formed and how to choose the right wholesale strategy for each particular company. ”

The course program contains everything you need to know about how to set up the effective work of the wholesale. Here are just a few of the topics:

  • Efficiency of managers' salaries - as we consider, how we motivate and when a manager becomes an effective seller
  • Advertising effectiveness - what kind of advertising, where and in what size will become operational
  • Efficiency of logistics and warehouse - self-sufficiency or wholesale costs?
  • How to correctly calculate the level of sales in wholesale - forecasts and realities
  • How to form the pricing in wholesale sales
  • How to attract new customers
  • What is the sleeping customer base and how to work with it
  • New sales channels - how to conquer
  • How to make a selling showroom
  • How to analyze the database of wholesale customers and use it correctly
  • How to build relationships in order to attract new and not lose old "wholesalers"
  • How to remain a competitive enterprise, avoiding bulk dumping of prices or groundless lending to customers

4 December
Workshop 1. Wholesale Efficiency
5 December
Workshop 2. Motivation of wholesale buyers, pricing and sales promotion
6 December
Workshop 3. Commodity-credit policy (TCH) as an instrument of growth. Retention and attraction of wholesale customers
7 December
Workshop 4. Implementation of effective sales technologies. The calculation of turnover, the schedule of production, supply and sales. Sales Analytics Tools
8 December
Workshop 5. How to reduce inventory and increase wholesale through logistics

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