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Retail visual communications: signboards, shop windows, merchandising.

A practical lecture for retail store owners and employees.

Date:May 14, 2011 
Venue:Saint Petersburg, Kazanskaya str., 7, Kvartal club 
Duration:3 hours 
Cost:3000 rubles (before May 7 - 2000) 
Authors and presenters:
  • Kirill Oleinichenko, head and editor-in-chief of the project
  • Alexander Tulyakov, showcase, florist, editor of the project Showcase.
  • Maxim Simanovich, Creative Director of ON-PRINT 
Contact person:Kirill Oleinichenko 
Phone:+7 812 934 69 84 


One thing that sets successful stores apart is that people love them. Because they are beautiful, comfortable and understandable. How to make the customer experience as emotional and enjoyable as possible?

Attention to consumer emotion and experience has become a powerful trend in modern business. After all, this is a way to gain loyalty. Signs, shop windows and merchandising become real competitive advantages here. In practice, the mere application of the rules of visual merchandising increases sales by at least 13-15%.

This lecture is an educational mini-course on showcase and visual merchandising.

In the introductory part, we will look at the issues of relevance and main trends in modern consumer visual communications.

The main part of the seminar will provide an understanding of important laws and regulations for creating attractive shop windows, effective merchandising and working signage. Will give knowledge for the implementation of a systematic approach to visual communications in your business.

Namely, the following issues will be considered in detail:


  • Significance
  • Types of signage
  • Ways to attract attention
  • Fundamental rules
  • Design

Storefront Design

  • Significance
  • The laws of selling display cases. Examples.
  • Creating ideas for shop windows
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Execution and installation
  • Service
  • Seasonality
  • Answers on questions

Visual Merchandising (VM)

  • Significance
  • Floor plan
  • Trade software
  • Product Location
  • Lighting
  • Space design
  • Installations
  • Mannequins
  • Signboards
  • Labels
  • VM Standards
  • Examples
  • Answers on questions
At the end of the lecture, students will be able to get answers to their questions. Upon graduation, the student will have a comprehensive vision of the visual communication system, their relationship, and the importance for business. All participants receive a complete synopsis of the workshop with all files and photo examples.

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