Shoes Report Magazine #116

  • Shoe museums in the world

    Traveling is always an opportunity to learn something new. You can look at the most ancient, rare and legendary shoe models and learn shoe manufacturing techniques dating back thousands of years in shoe museums around the world. Briefly about the most interesting of them - on this page.
  • Discount promotions: instructions for use

    What store owners just don’t do to attract more and more customers. One of the most popular methods is discounted promotions. Marketing specialist Maria Gerasimenko tells how to properly prepare and conduct a discount campaign and why in its success one should not rely only on word of mouth.
  • Sale technique without discounts

    If the buyer, having barely crossed the threshold of the store, is interested in discounts, for the seller this should mean only one thing: the customer has come in for a reason and can be brought to a purchase, even if there are no discounts in the store. Marina Prokina, a well-known marketer and sales specialist, tells how to do this.
  • The latest trends in store design

    At the Euroshop 2014 exhibition held in Dusseldorf, the most fashionable, vibrant and innovative developments in the field of retail technology were demonstrated. The Shoes Report reporter spent three days at the exhibition and chose the hottest trends in store design.
  • Departure trading floor

    A store with two entrances located at different ends of the hall a priori becomes a seller’s problem: buyers go through it, depriving attention of a part of the assortment. But what if it is impossible to close the second entrance, otherwise some of the visitors simply will not get into the store? The reader from Yakutsk asks us about this. Marina Polkovnikova, visual merchandising expert, is looking for a way out of the two-entry problem.
  • How to show the price: nine important rules

    What size should the price tags be? Should the cost of goods be displayed in a shop window? Why are some POS materials not working? These and other questions about price positioning in merchandising are answered by Marina Polkovnikova, an expert in the field of visual merchandising of fashion stores and the owner of VM-consulting.
  • How to set prices that will earn

    Some businessmen still confuse the concept of margin with the concept of trade margins and set prices for their goods, guided solely by the example of competitors. No wonder they go broke! Analyst at the Academy of Retail Technologies Maxim Gorshkov gives several tips and formulas with which you can set not only ruinous, but also profitable prices.
  • Hits of the purchasing season Autumn-Winter 2014 / 15

    We conducted a traditional survey of the companies that participated in the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, and based on their feedback we compiled a general picture of the trends that Russian buyers preferred in the Fall-Winter 2014 / 15 collections.
  • “They don’t obey!”: How to find an approach to any employee

    Each manager in his managerial practice is faced with a situation where there are few resources in the form of employees, and those that are present cause some inconvenience. You’ll outline a task for them and, it seems, it’s obvious how to act, and they are slow, lazy, training approaches to the table instead of going and doing it! Business coach Elena Malkova gives advice on how to find such an approach to employees so that all instructions are executed immediately and honestly.
  • 7 anti-crisis advice from a lawyer

    It seems that the expected crisis has nevertheless begun, and now we will have to forget at least six months about the increase in profits and the development of the company. To survive! Vladimir Fokin, a lawyer with 15 years of experience and founder of the law firm Fokin and Partners, gives entrepreneurs some advice on maintaining their business position and ensuring financial security.
  • Why your pricing policy no longer works

    Buyers spoiled, that's true. But they can be understood: never before have there been so many sellers, and their prices so low. And, remaining in the same row with those who are trying to lure customers with prices, together with them you are going nowhere together. What to do? How to get out of the circle of doomed businesses? Says business researcher Pavel Maestro.
  • What awaits HR directors of fashion retail

    In 2015, HR directors will use marketing analytics, customers will be prepared to go to stores, and managers will learn, teach and once again teach sellers. These and other labor market trends in fashion retail were discussed at the HR breakfast “Personnel for the fashion business”, organized by Retail People.
  • How international brands are represented in the regions

    The Magazin Magazinov company prepared an annual study, “International Brands: The Degree of Development in Russia”. It demonstrates the presence of major global brands in 36 Russian cities.
  • What prices for shoes dictate online shopping

    Internet retailers occupy an increasing share in the structure of sales of clothes and shoes, and consumers are increasingly comparing prices of online stores with prices of offline retailers, often not in favor of the latter. Especially for Shoes Report magazine, the creators of Getrealprice.com Nikita Mikhailov and Anton Smirnov analyzed the shoe assortment of the four largest online stores in Russia and compiled a map of their prices.
  • "The Russian fashion market is waiting for stagflation"

    The Russian fashion retail market is closely watched not only by domestic experts, but also by Western ones. What situation they saw in what we call an impending crisis, Reinhard Doepfer told the CPM business program.
  • Price crisis, price crisis

    In the period of currency fluctuations with the simultaneous devaluation of the ruble, sellers seek to raise prices. This desire is natural, but not always safe. At the CPM exhibition, fashion market experts discussed ways to correctly change prices that would not scare away buyers and ruin the seller.
  • How did the Autumn-Winter 2013 / 14 sales season go?

    Our traditional survey of buyers showed that the past sales season was very weak. Basically, shoe makers complain of a warm and late winter, as a result of which completely unimaginable residues have accumulated in storehouses, sometimes reaching as much as 70%. However, among the reasons for all the failures was also called the spoiling of buyers, total lack of money and their own mistakes.

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