Shoes Report Magazine #121

  • E-commerce market

    Prospects for development, electronic payment systems: pros and cons, rating of online clothing and footwear stores.
  • Defects in shoes, how to identify before the purchase

    A small defect found on shoes after purchase can spoil the mood for a long time. Is it possible to detect a defect while still in the store, what defects arise during the production process, and what is the reason for the incorrect operation, explains Igor Okorokov, shoe production technologist.
  • Trends in shoes of the season autumn-winter 2015 / 16

    Summer is the time for bold experiments with images. We combine, add, mix and certainly do not limit ourselves in the choice of colors and textures. Restraint can be shown in clothes, but not in accessories: no taboos. Galina Kravchenko, representative of the online-trend bureau in Russia and development director of Fashion Consulting Group, outlined the main trends of next summer and presented the best examples of fashionable women's shoes.
  • Promotion and sales in Instagram

    Are you still convinced that this social network was invented for teenagers and you won’t find your consumer on its expanses? The numbers convincingly prove how wrong you are: to date, Instagram has more than 150 million users in the world, and all this is a solvent audience.
  • Rubber shoes - the all-weather trend of the decade

    The astronomical growth in the popularity of shoes, which only a few seasons ago had the right to exist, except on vegetable beds and livestock farms, occurred in the summer of 2012 in Britain, to which the world owes the appearance of wellington boots. Over the past two years, the international shoe market has increased sales of PVC and natural rubber shoes several times.
  • Sales of shoes and accessories: effective techniques for business rhetoric

    In the modern world, a significant part of communication between people takes place indirectly: using Internet technologies, mobile phones and other electronic devices. But personal communication is still able to help achieve the goal in communication, moreover, as a rule, much faster than in the indirect version. Which speech modules are effective in communicating with potential and current customers of shoe stores, and which are not, Anna Bocharova, a business consultant, knows.
  • Internal network benchmarking

    Benchmarking is considered a relatively new and not very developed management science in our country. Benchmarking came from the word “benchmark” - “reference point”, and aims to search and study the best methods and development methods in order to learn from strangers, and not from our mistakes.
  • Consumer data protection

    A few years ago, a law was passed to protect the personal data of the client. This year, many companies had to report to Roskomnadzor about the reliability of their systems.
  • Banking systems for online trading

    Any owner of an online store has an acute question about the banking system, which must be connected for the prompt receipt of money for the goods sold. It is no less acute for customers, because according to statistics, about 38% of them refuse to buy in an online store just because they do not find a payment system that is convenient for themselves. What systems are convenient for all traders? Let's try to figure it out
  • Rating of Russian online stores of clothes and shoes

    Analytical agency Markswebb Rank & Report has named the best online retailers in the Clothing and Shoes category. The company's specialists interviewed more than 3 thousand active Internet users of different ages in order to identify portals with the most convenient services from the buyer's point of view.
  • The latest real-time technology

    We live in an amazing time - very soon there will be an explosive shift in the perception of the latest technologies by both buyers and sellers. And the seller who will be the first to introduce innovative new products in practice will win the “race”.
  • Act Xnumx dollars

    According to most experts, the law limiting the amount of purchases in Western online stores is a successful attempt by the state to protect the national market from Western expansion. In the coming year, we talked about what awaits e-commerce with Miroslav Zubachevsky, Managing Director of KupiVip E-Commerce Services.
  • German Production and Export Analytics

    After a slight, but nevertheless, decline in sales volumes recorded in 2012, by the middle of 2014 we managed to catch up: turnover increased by more than 5%. But the internal positive dynamics pales against the background of the external one. Noting the tension in relations between the EU and Russia, export forecasts are made rather cautious.
  • Free trade zone: what threatens its expansion of retail

    In early 2015, an agreement on a free trade zone of Vietnam with the Customs Union will begin to work, which will become a "bridge" for a subsequent agreement with the ASEAN bloc (Vietnam is one of the participants). Next in line are India and Malaysia. How will such a solution turn out for fashion retail? We figure it out together with market analyst Daria Yadernaya.
  • International shoe exhibitions: analysis of past and announcement of future events.

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