Shoes Report Magazine #128

  • Product balances

    - How to correctly dispose of unsold goods

    The topic of liquidation of balances in the warehouses of shoe stores is more relevant today than ever. According to representatives of retail and consulting agencies, currently a huge amount of unsold goods has accumulated in retail warehouses - on average, up to 70% of purchased winter and demi-season shoes. Whatever strategy for disposal of the balances is chosen, it must meet the basic requirements: a professional analysis of the current market situation, timely assessment of the liquidity of balances and the prompt redistribution of the lineup on store shelves, mobile launch and rotation of discount campaigns and seasonal sales, expansion of the e- channel commerce.

    - Timely maneuver

    When sales volumes are shrinking and prospects are not quite clear, it is important to avoid overstocking and large balances in your warehouse, our experts are sure. “Leftovers are sweet” are only for large discounters, who will be able to pick up the leftovers from retail at very bargain prices and make good money on it. On the other hand, the market now presents such surprises that “the remnants will soon be more expensive than money,” some distributors are sure.

    - Optimization of balances in a shoe store

    What kind of assortment positions become residues? How can I prolong the effect of liquidity models? How does the balance of the assortment affect overstock? These difficult questions are answered by Galina Kravchenko, a leading expert on the assortment and forecasting trends of Fashion Consulting Group, head of the FCG representative office of the international trend bureau FASHIONSNOOPS.COM

  • The tablet will pick up shoes by size

    British experts have developed a unique innovative system for determining the size of the feet of a child and an adult.
  • On the crest of a fashionable wave of summer - white total bow, floral prints and sandals of Roman gladiators.

  • Current Trends for ACTIVE Spring-Summer 2016 Men's Shoes Collections

  • How to make shoe retail promotions effective?

  • How to increase sales during a seasonal decline in a shoe store?

    July-August is the time when a period of seasonal decline sets in in trade in general and for shoe stores in particular. Practicing expert Vladimir Thurman talks about how, with the help of simple and inexpensive marketing moves, you can increase sales several times during the summer seasonal decline.
  • How to create a balanced multi-brand portfolio

    A multi-brand store is a more flexible and agile business model than a single-brand store. But this format has a number of its own characteristics, the main of which is a correctly formed portfolio of brands and a balanced assortment. In order to form a brand portfolio in the optimal proportion and offer the consumer exactly what he needs, a systematic approach is needed.
  • Multichannel model - the future of retail

    Total sales in 2015 year
    PwC experts conducted a large-scale study to understand and compare different patterns of consumer behavior when shopping, as well as using various retail channels, analyzed the data and published the results. The study, according to experts, gives each retailer, regardless of the market in which it operates, very important information.
  • What to choose for the sale of shoes: online store and marketplace?

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