Shoes Report Magazine #134

  • Theme of the issue: Work at the exhibition: from words to deeds

    The exhibition is a laborious but effective way to attract new customers and increase the volume of orders. The success of the exhibition depends largely on the preparation for it. What important points should be paid attention to when preparing for an exhibition and organizing work at it, staffing and designing an exhibition stand.
  • Brand BADEN

    The European company launches the new FASSEN trademark on the Russian market.
  • Music has tied us

    Music is one of the important tools for creating positive emotions and vivid impressions, comfortable for shopping atmosphere in the trading floor of the store. On the intricacies of music marketing.
  • Current colors and models of January

  • Trendy themes for active winter shoe collections 2016 / 17

    Three main trends of the future “cold” season: “Florist”, “Game of lightning” and “Past future”
  • Technological lining materials

    What lining materials are used today in shoe manufacturing
  • Trainings and seminars in January-February of 2016

  • Associated items: creams, insoles and laces

    What types of “bundle” should be in a specialized shoe store in order to attract buyers and increase sales
  • Personnel issue

    In business, training has long become an integral part of the activities of many companies and is part of their development strategy, because everyone understands that the success of an organization depends on the continuous professional growth of its staff. The intricacies of internal and external training, the standards of employee development, the nuances of assessing the level of their professionalism, and much more are narrated by business coach Konstantin Maltsev.
  • Which region to choose to open a retail store?

    Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg top the ranking of Russian cities by the presence of foreign and Russian network retailers. This was the conclusion reached by JLL experts in their report on Destination Russia. As part of the study, they analyzed the presence of more than 250 federal and international brands in 35 Russian cities.
  • Tenants are held in high esteem

    The time has come for low rental rates, discounts and favorable rental conditions. Companies that are now looking for new premises for a store, sales office, show room or warehouse should be more active and bold: be interested in special rental conditions, discounts, bonuses and bargain.
  • Crisis - time for smart shopping

    This winter, Russians will not only save on purchases, but also rethink their shopping habits. Good news for shoe makers: Russian women save less on shoes than on clothes, and are not ready to give up their favorite brands.
  • Online Trading

    About the features, pros and cons of online stores and aggregators

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