Shoes Report Magazine #141

  • Reform of trade rules: introduction of online cash registers

    Retail was given a year to implement online cash registers, the countdown has already begun. Until July 1, 2017, all Russian stores of various formats (chain and non-chain), online stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and other organizations that make settlements with buyers of goods and services using cash registers must necessarily implement online cash desks.
  • Technology and shoes

    Sneakers with automatic lacing from Nike, sneakers with air conditioning from the Russian "MISiS"
  • Current fall models-2016

  • From sandals and espadrilles to oxford and derby

    Key models for the 2017 spring / summer men's shoes assortment
  • The magnificent five: five interesting interiors of shoe retail from foreign brands

    Leading Russian experts evaluate the shoe retail interiors selected for the editorial and share their professional views on ideas implemented by foreign designers and retailers
  • Up and down spiral

    Effective communication: why employees do not understand each other? The theory of spiral dynamics of psychologist Claire William Graves can help to understand this. About what it consists of and how this theory helped solve the conflict between employees, says expert SR, business coach Daria Artyukhova
  • Some errors

    Delegation of authority from management to subordinates and a culture of attitude to errors are necessary elements of teamwork. Why is competent transfer of duties and the ability to correctly make mistakes so important for the effective work of the company? Says expert SR, business coach Anya Pabst
  • Running in circles

    Wholesale manager: what should this employee really do, says SR expert Natalya Chinenova
  • In-depth brand knowledge helps increase sales

    Caprice at EURO SHOES holds unique training for retailers
  • Price issue

    How much will it cost to install new online cash desks or upgrade old equipment
  • Waiting for a change for the better

    Development Director Index: How Retailers Rank the Market Today
  • Course on small cities

    Tyumen and Samara will enter the top 3 of Russian cities in terms of provision with shopping centers by the end of the 2016 of the year.
  • Bottom passed

    According to the results of the first half of 2016, footwear production in Russia increased by 3,0%
  • Interview with CEO of Vera Victoria Vito Sergey Vovdenko

  • Uzbek shoes seek to Russia

    Shoemakers from Central Asia are ready to sew shoes to order for Russian retailers

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