Shoes Report Magazine #159

  • Seasonality in the shoe business

    Fashion sales expert SR, author of the business blog, Elena Vinogradova, analyzes in detail the causes of seasonal fluctuations in the shoe business and solutions to problems.
  • Fashion is for the environment

    Leading sports brands are moving to recycling. Adidas announced that by 2024 it will only use recycled plastic to produce its products. Experts predict that this initiative will push other heavyweights of the fashion industry to begin to switch completely or partially to recycled materials.
  • Current models for August-September 2018

  • Ballet shoes - for girls, slip-on shoes - for boys

    Key models of the assortment of children's shoes for the spring-summer season 2019.
  • Experimental way

    How to create a meaningful shoe brand? The question is always relevant. Deborah Cianciotta is one of the most respected, respected experts in the shoe world. Marketing Consultant, Product Branding Specialist shares her thoughts on how to create a successful shoe brand.
  • Summer sales

    What to do when the period of active sales of a new collection ends? How to work in the summer and earn, and not sell goods below cost? How to rebuild from competitors who make sales and give big discounts? SR expert on increasing shoe sales Yevgeny Danchev shares the secrets of the features of shoe sales in the summer.
  • Emotional shop

    How to increase sales in a shoe store and accessories using visual merchandising tools - recommendations of a VM expert Anna Balandina, who believes that the emotional component should be the main thing in window dressing and retail space.
  • Nervous work

    Sales have always been a pretty tough environment. In modern conditions, it has become even more stressful. Business coach Daria Artyukhova gives recommendations on working with sales staff in terms of increasing stress resistance.
  • Interview with Ralf Ringer CEO Andrei Berezhny

    How will shoe marking affect the Russian shoe market? How has shoe retail changed over the past decade, and what is the “industrialization” of retail? What do modern customers want? The editor-in-chief of Shoes Report talks about all this with the founder and CEO of RALF RINGER.
  • Expanding Business Relations

    Calendar of Russian and foreign exhibitions for the second half of the 2018 year.
  • Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

    This year's leading professional exhibition of shoes and accessories marks 10 years.

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