Emphasis on sneakers. Shoe brands are trying to include sportswear models in their collection.
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Emphasis on sneakers. Shoe brands are trying to include sportswear models in their collection.

Luxury, premium and mass market - in all segments, for all ages, one of the most popular shoe models today is sneakers. According to various estimates, the approximate value of sales of sneakers in the world is 45 billion euros per year.

In recent years, the trend for comfort and simplicity of the image has shaken even the stable leadership positions of classic shoes, and this trend has affected a wide variety of countries in the world. For example, in France last year, sales of sports shoes increased by 4%, while sales of leather shoes decreased by 5%.

Despite the fact that young people were the first to support the trend in sports style, today the offer of shoes in the style of sports - casual and sport-chic is quite wide - it is worn by children and women and men of all ages. As the French media note, while the segment of women's shoes remains the most conservative and not malleable fashion trends, at the moment, 72% of sales in this segment are still in classic style shoes.

At the same time, almost all luxury brands today have sports models in their lineup, the most popular of which are gym shoes. Including the famous red sole monopolist French luxury brand Christian Louboutin. Along with incredibly elegant high-heeled boats, one or two pairs of sneakers are usually presented in the women's collection of the brand, which, however, look so elegant that they will be more appropriate on a social event than on a sports track. Chic, decorated with graffiti prints, rivets, rhinestones, in vibrant color combinations, Christian Louboutin sneakers are marked with a signature red sole and obligatory painting of the designer on the top of the shoes.

Women's model sneaker Christian Louboutin Loo Spikes Women's model sneaker Christian Louboutin Loo Spikes

Continuing the theme, it is worth noting that the Italian luxury brand Santoni, known for its strict classic style, has just announced the release of a new capsule collection for the spring-summer 2018 sneaker.

Santoni sneaker models are presented in different colors - gold, silver, yellow, blue, in several shades of pink. White chic satin laces complement the design of the sport-chic shoes in contrast to the color upper and the tone of the wide rubber sole.

Sneakers Santoni spring-summer 2018 Sneakers Santoni spring-summer 2018

Aside from the trend for sports style in casual shoes, brands represented in the mass market segment did not remain.

Women's Caprice sneakers spring-summer 2018 Women's Caprice sneakers spring-summer 2018

Caprice, a popular German footwear brand in the mid-price segment in Russia, added a line of sports-style footwear to its range three years ago. And, according to representatives of the brand, the bright and diverse models of the sports line have fallen in love with Caprice customers not only in Russia, but all over the world. “The growing demand for our sports line is evidenced by the increasing orders of our customers from year to year. And this season, for the first time, in many years, sports models have outstripped classic fashionable pumps and have become real bestsellers, ”says Victor Kunz, General Director of Caprice Vostok. “Considering the general trend for sports, our customers dictate the need to pay more and more attention to this area”.

In the sports collection Caprice there are semi-sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons. The brand has provided an opportunity to purchase sports-style models and for its customers who buy shoes with an increased fullness of the last, such models come with an insole, and in addition to lacing, they are equipped with functional zippers.

The Caprice summer sports collection is distinguished by its variety due to the use of a large number of colored Italian leathers with patterns and embossing for the upper. Slip-on sneakers made from the softest deerleather attract special attention. For hot days, the brand's collection has models with breathable mesh tops. The color of the sole of the Caprice sneaker (made of rubber or polyurethane) is necessarily white.

Men's shoes Geox fall-winter 2018 / 19 Men's shoes Geox fall-winter 2018 / 19

The Italian brand Geox has always been known for its casual sports shoes. About two years ago, the brand introduced into its collection of women's shoes a line of elegant shoes created in collaboration with Spanish designer Ernesto Esposito. However, the company has not reduced the production of sports models. “Sneakers is a trend, and it continues to gain strength, and at least another two or three years will continue. We added models of classic and fashionable trendy women's shoes to our collection, but at the same time, we kept a share of sneakers in it, ”commented the Director of Marketing and PR of the Russian division of Geox.

Women's shoes "Econika" spring-summer 2018 Women's shoes "Econika" spring-summer 2018

The Econika shoe brand recently announced the release of a new collection of sneakers. It included sneakers, sneakers and slip-ons with prints and unusual decorations. The company prepared a stylish lookbook for the collection's release, a photo shoot for which was shot within the walls of the sports complex. However, according to Irina Zueva, marketing director of the Econika brand, despite the fact that every year the trend for sports shoes is gaining momentum and it is no longer possible to ignore it, Econika very carefully adds sports style models to its collection , trying not to change the once chosen direction - femininity and elegance.

“Sports models or models in the style of sport-chic are certainly present in the line of the Econika brand, but not in large volumes. As a rule, these are 20-30 models of shoes in a seasonal collection and accessories - backpacks and bags, - she comments. - We understand that the trend for sports shoes is growing every year. On the other hand, it is important for us to take into account the stylistic preferences of our clients. Russian women, despite the emerging global trends, primarily value elegant shoes that emphasize their femininity, so the share of sales of sports models or models in the style of sport chic is not so large, but it is.

This season, we have highlighted these athletic models with additional emphasis in our promotional materials to draw attention to healthier lifestyles and various sporting activities. At the same time, we understand that this is a rather narrow query. Women buy sports shoes for ease of movement, but in the collections of the Econika brand they choose, first of all, elegant classics, and everything that makes them feminine. " 

Luxury, premium and mass market - in all segments, for all ages, one of the most popular shoe models today is sneakers. According to various estimates, the approximate value of sales of sneakers in the world ...
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