5 ways to deal with staff theft
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5 ways to deal with staff theft

Each owner of a trading company periodically or regularly encounters dishonest personnel. Many have already despaired of curing their company of this ailment and, by default, record the cost of theft in the expense item. However, do not give up, as there is several ways to defeat employee theft. Details about them are told by Alexey Baranov, CEO of Retail Solutions. # EXPERT #

Method # 1: Regular inventory. In order for the inventory to have the maximum effect, you need to turn it into a permanent and irreversible element of your control system. Employees should really feel that you or the person responsible for inspecting the goods have a detailed understanding of all the intricacies. Invent creative tricks of control. For example, open the product lists in 1С and ask to bring 15-20 randomly selected items. Do this check once every few days and thereby do not give even the prerequisites for theft. If you do not have the time or ability to conduct an quality inventory yourself, contact the services of specialized firms. They will send a team of professionals who will quickly, impartially and accurately calculate all the rest. The reliability of the information obtained in this way will be several times higher than if one of the employees of the company conducted an inventory. 

Method No.2: Divide and rule. Adequately distribute controlling responsibilities in the company. Bees cannot count honey, as well as employees reporting to inventories cannot check themselves - this must be a financially responsible employee standing above: the administrator, the senior seller, or you yourself.

Method No.3: Corporate Quantum. The relationship between employees should be built in such a way that sellers constantly monitor each other’s friend themselves. Construct in the collective a semblance of a closed quantum system, where each action causes a change in the general state. In other words, make sure that each employee takes care of the balance and order in the system. For example, enter fines that pay for the common good: “Late? You buy tea biscuits for everyone. ”

Method No.4: Mutual responsibility. If a shortage is found at the cash desk, the required amount is distributed evenly to all personnel, and each member of the team contributes to the payment of debts. At the same time, it is clear to all employees that they pay for one, at most two dishonest people who deliberately profit from the rest. Internal filtering among personnel is included and the “black sheep” are instantly calculated.

Method No.5: Encouragement of squealing. For the Russian mentality, "squealing" always seemed something disgusting and humiliating. However, successful businesses are not built on friendship, but on business relationships. In a healthy system, everything is interconnected and interdependent, so the team needs to cultivate a pro-Western ideology of corporate ethics. It is accepted that if someone does not fulfill his functions, the whole company suffers, therefore, to notice, warn and eliminate the malfunctioning detail is identical to the salvation of a common cause.

Each owner of a trading company periodically or regularly encounters dishonest personnel. Many have already despaired of curing their company of this ailment and, by default, are included in the article ...
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