45 years to Pepe Jeans London brand in 2018! Advertising
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45 years to Pepe Jeans London brand in 2018!

SOHO Fashion is preparing for the anniversary of one of the brightest brands in its portfolio of brands - Pepe Jeans London, which will celebrate the 45 anniversary in the 2018 year.
Pepe Jeans collections always imply a certain audacity with elements of current catwalk trends; the brand elegantly weaves high fashion trends into clothes and shoes for every day. 45-year history of brand development is the standard of competent management and marketing: fidelity to their style, collaborations and advertising campaigns have helped the brand become a leader in European youth fashion.
At the end of the 80's, Pepe Jeans management decided to collaborate with the most popular fashion photographer of the time - Bruce Weber. The result of his work was a series of provocative photo shoots, as a result of which Pepe Jeans was named the pioneer in glamorizing the image of youth parties, which are characterized by defiant outfits and brightly decorated shoes.
At the beginning of the 2000's, the brand invited stars such as Letizia Casta, Fernando Torres and Cristiano Ronaldo to collaborate. It was during this period that the brand’s advertising campaigns emphasized shoes. The company actively promotes its total-look'i, combining branded jeans with shoes in various variations.
The brand management closely monitors the reaction of the public to new collections and to the advertising presentation of products. The positive perception of Sienna Miller and Ashton Kutcher as brand ambassadors led to a notable increase in sales. In addition, fans of the brand enthusiastically accepted the experiment with advertising in the spirit of Andy Warhol. As a result, the whole collection was dedicated to the work of the American artist.
To date, the Pepe Jeans brand is not just a carrier of current fashion trends, but also takes an active part in their creation. The brand continues to interact with world-famous models, as well as use the innovations of animation for its campaigns. Pepe Jeans shoe collections stand out among competitors with unusual constructive finds, fancy designs, and bold combinations of materials and prints. 2018 spring-summer season will open the 45 year of successful development of the company. The anniversary collection of shoes will be the result of the creativity of a creative team that draws inspiration from contemporary art. Continuing the trend of eclectic design, models will impress with their appearance even the most sophisticated fashionistas and women of fashion.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the amazing Pepe Jeans London collection at the Moscow SOHO Fashion showroom on ul. Friedrich Engels, 75 p. 11.
SOHO Fashion is preparing for the anniversary of one of the brightest brands in its portfolio of brands - Pepe Jeans London, which will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2018 ...
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