5 brands of premium shoes Euro Shoes Premiere Collection Creative Offices
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5 brands of premium shoes Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

Style, architecture, spectacular image - one of the new exhibitors at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, which will be held in Moscow from February 25 to 28, will be Rendez-Vous, a large Russian distributor and retailer, which means that the list will be significantly expanded at the exhibition represented premium brands. The company’s portfolio contains very interesting brands, not just high-quality, comfortable or fashionable shoes, they offer models that create a special image, form a personal style. In our review - 5 of these unique "stylish" brands.

Ernesto Dolani

Ernesto Dolani Ernesto Dolani

An Italian brand that emerged as a result of the development of a small family business. The brand was founded in 1995, but received a rebirth after the daughter of its founder, Laura Pakkapelo, after graduating from a design school in the Marche region, joined the family business. From that moment on, women's shoes were added to the men's shoes in the brand’s collection, the classic style was replaced by art design, and Ernesto Dolani entered the international market. Representatives of the brand themselves believe that their consumers are intellectuals and creative individuals who can appreciate design, how to work with form and material, as well as the quality of craftsmanship.


Halmanera Halmanera

The Italian brand, founded back in 1979, over the style of which from the moment of its foundation to this day one person works - designer Gaetano Penzolo. Gaetano loves the original forms of heels - in Halmanera models they are often rounded, beveled, attracting attention, as well as bright colors and metal elements - zippers and rivets. All this is expressed in the original models of women's shoes made of high quality genuine leather, Halmanera shoes are created by Italian artisans by hand, in a factory in the Marche shoe region of Italy.

Creative Offices

Creative Offices Creative Offices

Another magnificent Italian brand, which in all respects corresponds to the “premium” class - high-quality types of leathers, hand-made, own technological developments that allow you to give the leather an authentic look, and most importantly - design. In it is harmony of lines, creativity, style. All these components have generated a huge number of fans of the brand, men and women. So, the brand founded in 1997 by Roberto Di Rosa, the brand continues its active expansion in Europe and beyond.

Nando muzi

Nando muzi Nando muzi

The Italian brand is very feminine and elegant shoes. As the designer of Nando Muzi, Michele Mutsi, admits that he prefers a minimalist style in shoes, but in fact, the summer collection of the brand has enough spectacular models of shoes and sandals with rhinestones, sparkling patent leather, thin heels or stiletto heels or elegant suede boots, again on high heels when it comes to winter.

Present in it are more restrained styles - for example, suede booties with a small heel, in which a resident of the metropolis can go at least for a business meeting, at least to the theater, as well as sneakers that are now mandatory. The design of shoes is dominated by restrained tones - white, black, gray, nude shades.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Katy Perry

The name brand of the shoes of the American popular singer Katy Perry was launched in 2016 by Global Brands Group. Katy Perry collections are a striking design for girls who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Transparent heels, prints, various details in the form of original stripes, embroidery, buckles, sometimes unexpected colors, textures and ornaments. Katy Perry catches the latest trends and creates her own recognizable image. It is simply impossible to get bored in such shoes, it is for those who have a holiday and a good mood is a life credo, for light and optimistic people.

List of all participants Euro Shoes Premiere Collection February 25-28.

Style, architecture, spectacular image - one of the new exhibitors at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, which will be held in Moscow from February 25 to 28, will become a major Russian distributor and ...
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