Buffalo: Second Coming
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Buffalo: Second Coming

A quarter of a century ago, rude, but created using high-tech materials, Ugly Sneakers almost squeezed minimalistic, classic variations of sneakers off the shelves. In the nineties, the grotesque design was created using massive air capsules, embossed soles, a sophisticated lacing system and bold colors. The main providers of this trend were the leading sports brands Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, among the fashion brands in the nineties the brand Buffalo excelled. All these brands managed to change the established stereotypes, demonstrating that sneakers are fashionable shoes not only for athletes and their fans.

This trend ended in the mid-zero and revived only in the 2013 year. It is believed that the beginning of the revival of fashion for massive sports shoes was put by the Belgian designer Raf Simons and his collaboration with Adidas, widely announced in 2013. A number of models of their joint collection made a lasting impression on the audience and set the direction of design thought in the direction of Ugly Sneakers.

In the nineties, Buffalo managed to conquer the world with the space-based design of models on the platform, in which the girls from Spice Girls famously danced, and now, after a quarter of a century, the brand team reuses its achievements of twenty years ago. Currently, the company is again experiencing a boom, introducing two collections on the market: Buffalo - in the mid-price segment and Buffalo London - in the premium.

Now, in the wake of the trend for technological, but at the same time massive and rough sneakers, Buffalo London presented a number of models that conquered the catwalks and social media. Among them are the Classics model with a massive sole and an animal foot embossed on it, and the Garvey model with a sole segmented into two parts. The brand also announced a number of high-profile collaborations, one of the last - with the famous German designer Patrick Mohr - aroused great customer interest on Instagram.

Demand for rare and exclusive models of sneakers has long gone beyond the narrow circle of connoisseurs. Following the stars who are happy to wear Buffalo London (Algej, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Cameron Diaz), ordinary residents of megacities picked up the fashion for Buffalo's Ugly Sneakers. Now the Buffalo and Buffalo London collection can be ordered in Russia. Buffalo brand in the Russian market is represented by the company SOHO Fashion.

Now in the wake of the trend for sophisticated yet chunky and rugged sneakers, Buffalo London has introduced a number of catwalk and social media hits. These include the Classics model with a chunky sole and an animal paw embossed on it and the Garvey model with a two-piece segmented sole. The brand also announced a number of high-profile collaborations, one of the latest - with the famous German designer Patrick Mohr - aroused great interest among buyers on Instagram.

The representative of the brand in Russia is the company SOHO Fashion.

The brand collection can be found in the showroom at the address: Moscow, F. Engels St., 75 / 11.

A quarter of a century ago, rude, but created with the use of high-tech materials, Ugly Sneakers practically ousted minimalistic, classic variations from store shelves ...
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